10 best group activities for self-care

10 best group activities for self-care

Self-care routines are one of the best ways to keep you in best health state both mentally and physically. These are just ways in which you use to care for yourself to aid your personal development. But have you ever thought of doing group self-care activities? Or Just inviting a bunch of friends to practice self-care with you?

How many times have you done your self-care routine with a group? If you have never, you should try. It gives a different sensation from what you feel when alone.

You can do with them what you usually do individually or it can be a completely different activity. There are a lot of self-care activities you can do as a team. Here are some group self-care ideas you should try;

Self-care activities for groups.


If you are a beginner, meditation might be hard to try at fast. You might feel sleepy in between the sessions and sometime you will find it hard to concentrate. This is much easier if you are in a group. First, working together, will help you keep that normal meditation routine as friends will remind you to meditate every day and keep you focused since you are not alone.

One of the best meditation courses is meditation mastery by Mark Stephenson. It will not only grow your skills in meditation but also it has all the exercises that you can practice when you are in a group. This is very helpful in growing your focus and concentration with friends.

If you are coworkers or colleagues, advance meditation skills will also improve your productivity in what you do.

Self-care activities for groups

2. Yoga

Yoga is most favorable doing with friends. Also it is easy to work your flexibility with a partner. Yoga is a ‘should do’ for your mindfulness practices.

If you work at a job with minimum movement, yoga might be the best option for you. It will help improve your flexibility with stretching and also reduce back pain.

Yoga also helps to free the mind from any tension through body movement.

Some yoga workouts can also help you lose weight if that is what you are aiming for. But first make sure you have the right yoga pants then start your yoga daily practice. If you don’t have a yoga wear you can get yours here at an affordable price.

It’s time you start if you have not added yoga in your self-care routine, here is a super helpful course to help you get started out easily.

But if your aim is to also lose weight to keep in shape while being mindful, this course by Zoe Bray-Cotton is another super helpful resource to try out.

3. Reading

Reading is good for you but most people aren’t readers. And it’s not their fault. Reading can be a bit boring to some of us that you can feel tired or sleepy. The best way to add reading to your self-care routine if you don’t enjoy reading, is through reading in groups.

If you don’t have friends to read with, do join a book club or something like a bible study (if you are a Christian) where there are a lot of participants to read with. This is a good way to keep you reading even if you don’t enjoy it when alone.

4. Working out

One of the best ways to fight losing motivation during working out is to do it with a partner. Working out is among the best self-care tip for groups while you keep up with your fitness goals.

Collect your friends and follow a specific program to help you be fit. You can watch a lot of videos on you tube to make sure you do it right.

Best self care activities for group
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5. Group talks

If something is on your mind, speak it out. What are friends for? To hear you out of course. A group therapy is one of best thing you can do for your mental health.

There are a lot of groups around our homes with many group members who are ready to listen. If there is something that is bothering you, tell it to them. This is an easy way to vent and clear your mind.

However, not all friends can be trusted. Be careful with the groups that you join. Make sure the team is free from toxic people. Join it and be a part of it, it is very healthy for your mind. You can even make a lot of friends from it.

Self-care activities for groups
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6. Go for a walk together

How many times a day do you go for a walk? It is recommended that even a five minute walk each day is ready to transform your life. I find it really helpful and it is one of the ways to self-care out of a stressful environment.

But you know sometimes walks can be a bit stressful themselves. It might give you more time to push your negative thoughts to another level, and keep you depressed.

So the best way is to walk with friends or a group of other people. These will help you be surrounded by new thoughts or keep you distracted from getting lost in your own thoughts.

7. Play games

Games are fun if added in a self-care routine. Once you feel low, they can be your best option. You can do puzzles, crosswords, or a lot more of digital games.

But from different studies, single player games have been found to cause much of damage to the mind than good. This is because there is no joy in constant losing at a game or being stuck in the same level.

The University of Syracuse did this research and found multiplayer games have a greater enjoyment and great possibility of acquiring new friends than traditional single player games. Joshua Smyth, associate professor of psychology in the college of arts and science at Syracuse University says,

The most striking result of this study is that playing online multiplayer games had much greater positive and negative effects on people than playing traditional single-player video games,” 

You don’t have to do this alone. For games to be useful to your personal routine, you can do it with other people. There are many large group games that can suit you.

These people will help you tackle the difficult levels and spare you the frustrations from a single player game. It will be more fun than being alone.

8. Do crafts

Self care ideas for groups
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You can be a master of many crafts, but only if you do it in a group. They say no one person knows everything. Being in a group while doing different crafts, will help you know a lot and maybe you can even create a hobby out of it.

Take your friends and start practicing something new each day. There’s a lot you can do; example cooking, sewing, singing, writing and a lot more. Don’t limit yourself.

Put a day in the week where you’ll meet up with a group of people or friends to learn different things that will contribute to your personal growth.

9. Social media

There’s no limit to what social media can do. One of the best group activities is social media. Engage in a large group conversation. This can one of the great ways to distress after the day.

Go live or join a chat with your family, friends or even participants you might not know of. But be careful of negative people in social media.

10. Qigong

If you love activities that will help your team improve their mind and heal themselves then qigong is for you. Qigong is a traditional Chinese healing technique that believes diseases are caused by unbalanced energy in our bodies. It helps to control emotions like anxiety and stress and a variety of more diseases.

Qigong is a rare gem knowledge that science can’t even explains clearly but you will be surprised how much it works when added to your self-care practice.

If you have no clue about how to start qigong, here is a course by Marcus Santer to help you out. It includes all the resources you need as a beginner and the experts will guide to until advance levels where you can do everything on your own.

Wrapping up!

These are among the best self-care activities you can try with your friends. You don’t need to feel tired doing each activity on your self-care routine alone. But even so if you chose to go with a group it is important to know who you want to do the activities with. Make sure they are encouraging, non-toxic and helpful. Always avoid negative groups of people as they will might not mean anything but harm to you.

That’s it for now. If you have more ideas in your group self-care activity list that isn’t here, please share it with us in the comments.

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