Reasons why it is absolutely important to eat a rainbow on your plate.

Reasons why it is absolutely important to eat a rainbow on your plate.

There are a lot of components to include in our diets. Fruits is one and it is important that we eat them. I’ll tell you all the importance of fruits to your health and meaning of their rainbow of colours.

What is in your plate determines what your health will be like. Where I come from there’s a saying that the body is not built by bricks, but by what you eat. This determines if you are obese or not, fit not fit or healthy.

But that’s not what I want to say. We see in big restaurants and hotels, chefs try to decorate the plates of their customers. But why take the trouble?

Because they want you to be attracted to your food and feel good when eating it. Its more business like, so you can come back and eat their food. Because not only was it tasty but also was beautiful to look at.

Now that is not the only reason.

There are a lot of health benefits taking in foods of different colours on your plate. Most of these foods are mostly fruits which we know are in different colours and also vegetables.

What is important?

I’ll tell you the importance of those colours you see on different fruits. And importance of eating those fruits to your health. They are not there just because they are meant to be.

  1. Antioxidants. This is the most important of them all. From the word, they help to prevent oxidation which is usually done by free radicals. When you are exposed to these, your body is likely to be affected by the chemicals you take.

Such exposures to free radicals can cause diseases like cancer at most. So these help to remove the free radicals.

Examples of these antioxidant fruits are ;

Blueberries which research show that they are highest in antioxidant property. Grapefruit, mangoes, papayas, plums and prunes….just to mention a few.

2. Helps in the digestion system. The digestion system always undergo a lot of complications. So we might be having problems like indigestion leading to constipation sometimes, diarrhea, nutrient deficiencies.

Fruits can help in these problems

Examples of fruits are papaya due to its enzyme papain that helps in digestion, pineapples have bromelain, avocados, tamarind and lime that have limonene that dissolves gallstones.

Importance of fruits to your health

3. Modulate hormone receptors. Hormones are chemicals that regulate different activities in our bodies. Fruits also enable the body to function properly that way.

For example fruits like apples helps to induce sleep and others provide natural sugars which are good for antidiabetic example figs, dates, the berry family and cherries.

Some fruits also regulate blood levels like the grapefruit. And due to presence of glucarates in grapefruit, oestrogen levels are lowered preventing breast cancer.

4. Assist in healing some diseases. When you eat a fruit, sometime its for a reason just like when you cough, you can take ginger to end the cough. Most fruits known are important for cancer prevention, diabetes and other lifestyle diseases.

So fruits like pineapples are good for anti inflammation. Research done by university of Birmingham show that inflammation can lead to mental sluggishness. So it is very important to eliminate it before it affects some parts of brain.

Fruits like grapes help with atherosclerosis due presence of resveratrol which prevent plaque on arteries.

5. Provide diuretics (Enough water for the body ). The body consists of about 78 percent of total body. If you are lazy to drink about two litres a day, fruits are a good takes.

Most fruits contain water in there flesh but some fruits contain full water. Example the water melons, apples and the pineapples. You can take them even after a workout to restore lost water.

Importance of fruits to the body

Wrapping up

There are a lot of importance in eating fruits to health. But before you get those benefits how you prepare your fruits is very important also. Remember those are plants and chemicals are used to grow them. Despite that, eat more fruits for better health.

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