Meditation at home (tips for beginners)

Meditation at home (tips for beginners)

If you are a beginner or maybe you just started meditating recently you might have found it boring or difficult but really meditation is easy most specifically at home.

A lot of people have started to meditate this recent years and found it helpful. Maybe you have been going to a meditation centre but now you want to start doing the practice at home. I gotcha!

In this article I’ll discuss all the basics you need to know to meditate at your comfort zone. These tips will guide you on what you should and should not do while meditating at home.

If you’ve been planning to start meditation at home then you dont have to lose your motivation like what should I do. Well, you are in the right place, and all you should do is right here.

Before you put meditation as a part of your life, you should know the reason why you want to start meditating. If you dont have a reason, nothing will push you to do it every day. Eventually you’ll stop.

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Benefits of meditating

  • Meditation helps people to connect with themselves more deeply.
  • It calms the mind
  • Helps to improve creativity and performance of daily activities.
  • Used for healing. Some people who have been suffering from mental disorders like anxiety, panic attacks, depression and other disorders and have easily dealt with the situation by using meditation.

Also people with some diseases example cancer, have found comfort and encouragement through meditating.

  • Improves concentration and attention. Meditation is all about being aware of the present situation and actions which means it keeps your mind in an active state.

After knowing some of the reasons why most people meditate, I hope you have your goals too already in place. There’s nothing stopping you now. Lets see on how to do meditation at home.

All this important things that you should understand before starting your meditation practice will make your sessions easier and enjoyable.

How to practice meditation at home

How to practice meditation at home
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1. Perfect meditation space

The area which you will use for meditating must be a quiet place. It can be in your bedroom or in the backyard. It must be noise free which will help you concentrate better. It should not be next to a window of a neighbor who plays loud music or has a dog that can’t stop barking. If you live with kids make sure they are asleep or away.

Key factor needed here should be a quiet and calm environment.

This place should have all the necessary accessories that will help you to be comfortable. For example, you can put in a yoga mat or a smooth sponge seat which will help to prevent injury (if you sit on the bare floor) or uncomfortability. You can buy your yoga mat here

2. Comfortable posture

Another important thing that you should make sure is sitting in the comfortable position. It can be standing up, lying down flat or sitting down.

The position must be comfortable for you to be in throughout the session. You can start by stretching up muscles so that you can reduce the stiffness that might make you uncomfortable during your session.

This will make it very easy for you to concentrate and it will prevent your body from shifting from position to position or your concentration from drifting away because you are sitting in the wrong position.

Meditation at home tips

3. Develop a regular routine

You are supposed to have a specific time for meditation in your routine. Put at least 5 minutes or 10 minutes from your day or add it as part of your self care routine.

This is going to be a fixed time specifically for meditation, maybe in the morning or evening. A regular routine will keep you organized and consistent in your sessions.

You’ll find that you’ll keep up meditating at least every day and become an expert at it someday. An organized routine will make you take meditation as a part of you.

4. Breathing exercises

This part is the most important part of meditation. If you want to do better meditation at home you’re supposed to learn how to breathe. Meditation is all about concentrating on a particular thing and most times it is the breathing.

This course will help you control your breathing flow and techniques to different breathing exercises.

Breathing is one of the best things that can keep you concentrated. There are different types of breathing exercises to try in your meditation sessions.

But because you are a beginner I suggest that you give abdominal breathing a try first. It is the easiest form of breathing that needs a little practice.

Abdominal breathing

First sit in a comfortable position in a quiet place. Try breathing in and out through your abdomen. These breaths should be long and slow. Make sure the air is flowing deep into your lungs.

Put one hand on your abdomen and make sure you register the ascending and collapsing of the abdomen through your hand. This will make sure that you’re doing it correctly.

Tips for meditation at home
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Avoid breathing through your chest because your breathing will be short and fast and this will make you feel tired and uncomfortable. Do it for a few minutes and add more minutes as you improve.

5. Have a mantra.

Another great way to spice up your meditation is by having a mantra. A mantra is a safe word or a word that has a special meaning to you.

Talking to yourself this mantra will help with your breathing exercises. As you breathe, repeat the phrase quietly to yourself.

You can whisper it or you can repeat it quietly in your mind it will help you get back to your mind when you feel distracted. If you feel distracted again repeat the mantra again and again so that it should make you concentrate every time you keep getting distracted.

The Mantra works well with breathing. If you can’t keep up with breathing you can try to use the mantra as you breathe to help your mind concentrate again in your session.

6. Time of your sessions

According to Carnegie Mellon Researchers, only 25 minutes of meditation is powerful enough to fight stress.

Because you are starting to meditate at home as a beginner, keeping the time of your sessions short is very important as it will prevent you from getting tired or falling asleep. This time can be five minutes up to half an hour.

You can add a few minutes each day as you get used to it. You will reach a point where you can meditate even an hour long. Session time is very important to consider to a meditation session.

How to prepare for meditation at home
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7. What you eat before meditation

Do not eat a heavy meal during meditation. Why? Because when your stomach is full it will be easy for you to fall asleep as you are breathing ( it is because digestion is taking place). In order to do that you can try to eat at least a light meal or a snack.

This will help you to increase your lung capacity of breathing, prevent tiredness easily and put your body in a relaxed state.

If you find it difficult to practice meditation at home, difficulty to stay longer and maintain your concentration, here is a helpful course that will help you out.

You will learn how to maintain your concentration for hours, how to breath from your abdomen and all the tricks you need to understand during meditation. Give it a shot here.

Wrapping up

Meditation is very easy to try. If you follow these simple tips, you can go on every day without skipping some days. Also try to assess your progress by looking on your performance. Is it helping you in some way in your daily activities? And at what extent.

This will help you advance your meditation, improve where you go wrong or where you find difficulty. Hope this article will help you as a beginner to meditation practice at home. If you have anything to add please let me know your view down in the comments section.

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