How to use essential oils to scent a room

How to use essential oils to scent a room

Essential oils have been proven to have many health benefits. In the ancient times and up to date, they are widely used in aromatherapy treatments to relieve stress, anxiety and depression, reduce pain, boost immunity, improve sleep quality, soothe burns and more!

But what about their ability to make your home smell amazing? You can get rid of smells, create aromas. Not only are they great for smelling good, but they may also help keep away pests, clean your house, heal a cut or prevent allergies.

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You want to know how you can fill your home with the fragrance that you love?
In this article we’ll show you eight ways you can use essential oils to scent your home.

1) Use them in a diffuser

This is the most common way you can spread essential oils scent in your house. Add water into your electric diffuser and add a few drops of essential oil before lighting it up.

You will diffuse them into the air and this way, their scent will spread throughout your entire home or put as many drops as you like in a nonelectric humidifier that is filled with water and hung on a radiator.

Keep an essential oil diffuser on the go all day long by using an essential oil sachet as an accompanying scent whenever you need a boost of good vibes. If you don’t have an electric diffuser, you can get one here at a cheaper price.

How to use essential oils in your home
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How to use essential oils to scent your room without a diffuser

2) Add them to your bath water

Add them to bath water and soak in it for 10 minutes. Use a Microbe Buster essential oil in the final rinse water when washing surfaces in a bathroom, including the bath, sink, and toilet.

This will not only to kill germs but to give a nice fragrance.

3. Use a toilet paper cardboard

An easy way to fragrance the bathroom is to put a couple of drops of a neat essential oil or blend on the cardboard ring inside the toilet paper roll before placing it in the holder.

The cardboard soaks up the essential oil and gently releases the aroma molecules, keeping the whole area fragrant.

4. Use them as part of your beauty routine

You can add a few drops on the lotion that you are using. Some people create their own beauty products if you are one of them, you can add essential oils you like during creation.

Put mixture aside after adding all contents then add the essential oil of your choice by 2 drops and stir to mix completely. This procedure is common in soaps.

5. Use a cotton ball or paper towel

You can place a few drops of essential oil on a cotton ball or paper towel and then place them in your next to your radiator or air conditioner.

You can also add some essential oil on the cloth or tissue paper, so when you wipe down the table, windowsills, cupboards and other surfaces, you can make them smell nice too. Eucalyptus oil can be helpful in giving a Woody feel.

How to scent your home with essential oils
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6. Cleaning your fridge

The fridge is easily affect by bad odor not only if you keep foods for sometime but even if it’s empty. Essential oils can solve that!

When cleaning the fridge or freezer, prepare water and add 1 drop of essential oil to 1 teaspoon of white vinegar and 1 teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda and that’s it!

7. Aromatic candles

You can also add some essential oil in the container of your candles, so it will give off a nice fragrance when lit up with candlelight.

There are also scented candles that are diffused with essential oild to give them a scent as they burn. You can purchase these online or at a local shop.

Aromatherapy candles for homes
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8. Use them in your linens or clothes.

You love a nice fragrance in your clothes or fabrics like curtains and towels? Easyyyy.

If you are hand washing them, put a drop of essential oils in the final rinsing water and swish it around then sweep a paper towel on the water to remove globs of oils.

This is to prevent stains. Please do not spray water with essential oils on sheets or linen as this can cause oil stains on them.

Another way is to use the fragrance in ironing water before pressing your clothes. Makes sure you infuse the essential oil first in the water then filter with a paper towel before use.

Lastly, infuse some essential oils in a cloth, let it dry them place it where you store your clothes.

9. Sprinkle drops around the house with a spray bottle

Another way is by adding them into an air freshener spray bottle that you can then spray around the house.

including in your mix a teaspoon of salt, water and drops of essential oils then spray high and low around the house especially the hallways. Do this for several days until your home begins to feel like a fresh space.

How to fragrance your room with essential oils
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10. Use cotton pads or tissues

Prepare a bottle of essential oil or blend of oils. Use as many drops as desired on tissues or cotton pads and place them in each corner of the rooms.

If you want something specific out of the house, such as a home fragrance you can use lavender oil or rose essential oils.

If you find it difficult to make essential oil blends yourself. You can buy them here.

Wrapping up!

you want that wonderful scent from essential oils into your room. With these 10 ways you have it!
Now you know how to use essential oils for your home if reached the end of this article. However, Essential oils can be helpful and therapeutic but they can still be harmful when use in the improper way. Be sure to use them correctly as you fragrance your home.

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