How to use an ab wheel effectively

How to use an ab wheel effectively

Just got a new ab wheel and not sure how to use it? Darn! You must have tried and found using an ab wheel as quite a challenge. You might not be wrong. Despite an ab roller being one of the inexpensive workout equipment, it is a very challenging workout. Most people find themselves with back pain, while targeting the wrong muscles.

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I don’t think you want to be one of those people. Back pain is tough to deal with and so you need to learn how to use your exercise wheel properly.

Now that you are reading this article, I’ll show you how to use an ab roller correctly. After reading to the end, you will be ready to use your equipment. You can’t wait? Me too.

How to perform the rollout with the ab wheel
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The right way to use an ab roller

1.Get in right position

Okay first things first. What position do you want to be in? the ab wheel has a variety of exercises depending on the position. Always make sure your body is in a neutral position to avoid back pain. You can check out these ab roller exercises with the different positions.

Also, you should ensure to perform a light warm up before hoping into the main exercise. You can go for light jogging or running, or even stretching. This helps the body to adapt to movement you will exert on it, preparing for the main workout.

2. Maintain a correct form.

Using an ab roller makes it easy to target a lot of muscles at the same time. Not that it is bad, it is isn’t. but if you want to target the abdominals (the abs), you won’t get the results you want.

You avoid this, you should maintain a tight arrangement. That way you can avoid pain in the joints and other muscles.

Make sure you align your body in a neutral position maintaining core muscle strength, with your back not ached. Adjust your wrists on the handles of the wheel from time to time to avoid strain.

3. Hold the position.

This step requires a lot of endurance and strength. So if you are a beginner or suffer from a medical condition, you should not hold for a longer time.

Some 2-5 secs are enough. When you get advanced, you can go a lot longer.

4. Return to starting position

Depending on your reps, repeat as many times as you want. Just make sure not to overtrain your muscles.

And when you don’t feel the pull in a muscle that you are targeting, you’ll need to reconsider because you might be doing something wrong.

How to use the ab roller properly
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Performing the roll out

The main activity done by the ab wheel is rolling out. One of the basic positions for this workout is rolling the wheel on the floor while you are in the push up position. You can choose to hold your body with your legs or knees.

  • Put your hands on the wheel and get on your knees.
  • Roll the wheel forward slowly as far as you can control while maintaining a proper form.
  • Return to starting position and readjust your posture.

Improving your ab wheel technique

Doing the same thing each day can be quite boring. There is a variety of modification that you can do to spice up your workout routine.

Also, you can add other equipment from the ab roller. Using ab roller variations and modify exercises will improve how you work out your ab muscles. Here are some the techniques that ca be helpful;

• Incline bench rollouts

You can perform an ab roller workout on an inclined bench. To get yourself the best incline bench, you should check out here. the best incline bench, you should check out here.

• Resistance bands

For some ab rollers, you might buy it with a strap that can help beginners, control how much they rollout from a wheel.

But if yours does not include a strap, you can add your resistance band to it. Not only does it support your movement but it also helps increase the resistance that will help strengthen the core muscles.

Put a resistance band around the handles on one end, and your feet on the other. Now try to rollout to your farthest distance while maintaining a strong form, hold and return to original point. Here are some of the best Resistance bands you should use.

• Add compound exercises to your routine.

Ab wheel exercises are mainly compound. Fortunately, you are not limited to only rollouts. You can perform all your favorite workouts using an ab roller.

Some of the exercises are like pushups, mountain climbers, planks, bridges and even yoga depending on the muscles you want to target.

Just balance your ab roller on your hands and perform the bodyweight exercise you want.

Common mistakes when using an ab roller; Ab roller safety tips

Here is how to do ab roller exercises
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1. Arching the back.

This is the root of lower back pain and you may be targeting the wrong muscles. So make sure to maintain a neutral position.

2. Letting shoulders flail out of their sockets.

The elbows and the wrist joints are easy to strain while doing the ab wheel workouts. To avoid this, monitor the movement of your hands and how you hold the ab roller. Grip the handles of the wheel firmly to avoid, slipping of the wrists.

3. Don’t forget to breath

One thing you should not do is holding your breath. Some time when you roll out you might get out of breath or try holding your breath.

Don’t do that. To perform an exercise that uses strength you need as much energy as possible and so is the high oxygen intake.

4. Take a break when feeling pain

Sometimes pain is a red flag. You might be doing something wrong or you have overtrained your muscles. Either way you need to stop. It can be that your muscles are just sore, or you strained them.

5. Plan your reps and sets

This is mostly for beginners. Muscles are easy to strain and damage. So, you are going to need to plan your workout routine and schedule. You can start with one set with about 5 reps and add up more as you advance.

Make sure to rest in between sets to help you keep the stability and not to overstrain the abdominal muscles. As you become more stronger, you can add more reps and sets to your routine depending on your goals.

Ab exercise with a partner

Hold the plank position while your partner kneels infront facing you and holds the handles of the ab roller.

Roll forward as far as possible while still maintaining a correct form. When you feel the strain in your abdomen, ask your partner to push backward until you can’t go any further.

You should also feel the stress at the lower part of your back. Repeat from 10 to 15 times.

How to use an ab roller with a partner
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The ab roller is a workout equipment that can tone your abs effectively. It is considered as one of the most effective pieces of equipment to develop your core muscles. Essentially, it’s a small wheel that you place on the floor and roll your legs back and forth over. To see results you should stick to your routine. This workout, just like others needs consistency and a change of nutrition habits to build better abs. So, are you ready to begin ab wheel workouts? I bet you are.


What should the best ab wheel have?

The ab roller comes with a wheel and a handle. The wheel is the base of the device, while the handle serves as the grip for your hands. The best ab roller machine is lightweight and should have a rubber grip that offers comfort. A good quality machine should also have an adjustable strap so that you can adjust its length according to your body type and height.

How often should you use an ab roller?

If that is your sole workout, I’d say daily you can try doing about 5 to 15 minutes daily. but working out the same muscle group will lead to burn out. So, a couple times a week should be helpful.
You can check out some of the best ab rollers that are helpful for beginners here!

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