How to develop a morning routine and make it a habit

How to develop a morning routine and make it a habit

The best time to make your day go smooth is the morning. They say joy comes in the morning but that is only if you have a proper morning routine. It is just impossible to have an organized day if the morning was a mess. It is so important to have an early morning routine set up for yourself.

That being easy said than done. It is very difficult to keep a morning routine and follow it. Just like anything else such as goals, dreams, schedules. It is just difficult to make it a habit. But this is because we just don’t know where to start from.

For everything that you do, you have to start from somewhere reasonable.

Through this article I’ll guide you on how to develop a morning routine that is effective and easy to follow. It will help to improve your life whether in production, fitness and health or your goals.

How to develop a morning routine that will is effective.

Early morning routine
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1. Wake up very early.

For most people with good progress and success, wake up at 5.00 am every morning. You don’t have to go at this same time too, but if you are aiming to reach somewhere do wake early. Set your alarm if you can’t bring yourself to wake up naturally at that time.

From the university of California study, the people who have a very early to rise routine, those with ‘advanced sleep phase’ are found in approximately one in three hundred adults.

This study published in the journal SLEEP say this people have a natural mechanism in the body to naturally wake up early. Although these people can be rare, it is possible to act like one.

Remember this is the beginning of everything. If you are too lazy to get out of bed then you can’t have a morning routine in place (if that is what you planned to do).

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2. Wake up at the same time each day.

Our minds are what we create them to be. If you do something twice or a couple more times your mind will form this as a habit.

And habits are hard to break and if they are good ones I guess then it’s a good sign. From my first point, if you already set yourself a good early time, then wake up at that exact time each day.

This will put less pressure on your mind and eventually you’ll be a natural at it.

3. Keep a list of things you want to do each morning.

If you want to be a morning person without a reason then you better sleep. It is just useless to wake up so early and walk around without an aim. Get up for a reason.

Write down all the things you want to do when you wake up. Writing them will help you remember them and it will help you be reasonable at all that you will be doing.

You can put this list on your wall or next to your bed. Read it after you wake up to alert your mind of what is awaiting it.

After all these three steps, you are good to go. The only effort you have to make is to take them to action.

How to start a morning routine
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4. Drink a glass of water.

I know what you might be thinking. Is that necessary really? It is I’d say. Waking up early each day is not easy.

It can turn into a habit but sometimes a habit to snooze down the alarm and run back to bed. That is a bad routine.

To get yourself some energy and lighten yourself up, drink water. Water has a lot of health benefits for both mental and physical health.

Physiologically, it balances everything in your body including your temperature. This is the reason to freshen up from the sleepy mode. This is so helpful and it will keep you running your routine effectively.

Sometimes it might have a weird taste in the morning but just take it.

5. Do a simple exercise.

Just to keep you healthy and active before you start doing things you wrote on your list. If you are not an exercise person, then this is the right time for you to take advantage.

You don’t have to do the hard exercises. You can go skipping or jog outside for a few minutes.

According to the Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute, a moderate-intensity exercise in the morning helps to improve cognitive performance like decision-making throughout that day and this is good for your brain.

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Also, it helps to improve short-term memory compared to prolonged sitting. Through their study, about 65 participants were studied through exercise on a treadmill with brief walking of three minutes.

Steps to creating an effective morning routine
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Exercise will keep you healthy and it will help with your focus and concentration. If you love doing indoor workouts, get yourself exercise equipment to take you through. It can be a treadmill or a simple jump rope.

6. Read a small part of an inspiration book.

Everyone needs a simple push and motivation each day. in your morning routine, you should add a little piece of words of encouragement to yourself, to keep you motivated.

We are what we think of ourselves and it is only natural for us to think negatively of ourselves.

However. this negativity seems to stick to our minds like glue. If you want to achieve a goal, the morning is a better time to wash away the negativity. This can be a quote or a paragraph from an inspiration book.

7. Listen to a podcast

If you are not much of a reader then go for a podcast. I recently started listening to podcasts again after I stopped some months ago.

So now I keep thinking I’ve been missing a lot and it has helped me with my burnout. I just feel new energy pushing me to take new steps.

Podcasts are easier to listen to because you can be doing your exercise while you listen to them. Or you can be getting ready for work and just tune in. that can’t be difficult. This will help to boost up your energy for the day.

How to develop a morning routine

8. Prepare yourself for the day

After all this, then you are done with your early morning routine. That should be easy. It’s time to get you ready for work or school maybe.

But make sure first everything on your list is completed then you will know that you are done. Though these are the easy essential steps you can follow to develop a strong morning routine.

Do you have a morning routine in place? If not, Here is how to develop a morning routine that is easy and effective.

Wrapping up

That’s all there is on how to start a morning routine, first make sure to wake up early and at the same time each day, keep your morning routine list intact, drink water, exercise, and inspire yourself for the day. You are ready to go. Let me know in the comments what you do to develop your morning routine and what has helped you best.

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