How to relax your neck muscles and relieve pain at home

How to relax your neck muscles and relieve pain at home

Among the muscles that are prone to tension are the muscles located at the neck. This can be because of the lifestyle that we are living today. Too much office or desk work with limited movement? I think so. The kind of lifestyle can totally offset the neck muscles and sometimes they can be numb, painful or even cause headaches. Good thing is, you can totally deal with the situation.

In this article I’ll show you how you can make your neck muscles relax easily without breaking a sweat. It is important to know how because we got to work no matter what. If we work at the same immobile environments, probably we will experience this everyday of our lives. So just follow along and I’ll give you the easiest tips there is.

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First, it is important you understand that the neck muscles do not run on the neck alone. They are a result of the network of muscles between the shoulders, scapula, the back of the head and the back side.

So when any of the muscles on these sites experience stress, you are more likely to feel pain even to your neck. Ow! looks more complicated. But what exactly can cause this muscle pains?

Muscles in the neck and how to relieve them
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What are the causes of muscle pain in the neck?

• Poor posture.

Sitting with you back arched causes tension in the neck because the shoulders are connected to the neck through some muscles I explained above, which when you sit in a bad posture you are likely to experience strain in your neck.

Also, tilting your neck in unnatural position for a long time will cause a buildup of tension that transforms to pain.

• Sleeping in wrong position.

This can be sleeping on the the side of the muscles when they are in a twisted position or sleeping without a pillow which causes your neck to tilt in an unnatural way.

• Injuries or accidents.

Sometimes you can fall down or knock yourself on something that will cause pain in your neck.

• Stress.

How to relax the muscles in your neck

There are various techniques that you can do to help relax your neck muscles. These are just easy tips to help you out. All the helpful information here is aimed to help you get your neck muscles so relaxed. So let’s get to it!!!

1. Massage

This is easiest method to try. You can ask someone to help you or you can just do it yourself. I love my little sis doing it for me. She’s pretty disorganized pressing on the muscles but it always work.

If you chose to do it yourself, make sure you are gentle with the muscles because it is easy to cause strain. Put in some light tapping with your index finger and ring finger. These will help you release the tension.

How to make neck muscles relax
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Another easy method to massage your neck is by gentle compression of the neck with your hands. Compress the muscle from the back of your neck all the way around. Also do it from top of the neck all the way down to the shoulder muscles.

You can also use simple massaging tools that won’t require you to put much of your energy. Check the best massage tools for the neck here.

2. Maintain your posture

Most people suffer from muscle neck pain because of their posture. Long sitting hours at a desk mostly with the back curved is dangerous to your spine and may cause neck pain.

Also sitting with your neck tilted at one side for a long time may cause pain to the muscles on the other side. So correcting your posture is one of the best way for you to make the muscles in your neck relax.

From this study, expert Kermis Davis, in ergonomic office at University of Cincinnati states that a person needs a rest atleast every 30 minutes from what they were doing to prevent muscle injury.

When sitting make sure your back is straight and your neck is straight in a comfortable way. Your neck should not be straight for a long time. Make sure after some minutes you take some time to do neck exercises (that I’ll show you later). The exercises will help you sit comfortably for a long time without muscle strain.

When sleeping make sure you have not twisted your muscles. Sleep on a comfortable bed and pillow. This will help you sleep comfortably and wake up without muscle pain.

3. Energy compress

This technique is mostly used by people during a cold weather to cool the temperature on their body. But what if I told you it is also an effective way to make your neck muscles relax.

Energy has been used for a long time to heal pain from different parts of the body. This is not one of those techniques that need you be an expert, you can do it alone. Do rub your hands together to generate energy.

After you pull your hands away from each other you should feel the magnetic field between them. Place your hands around your neck and imagine the place where you feel pain receive this energy and finally relaxing. That is easy to give a shot.

4. Stretching Exercises

How to relieve neck pain at home
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There are various exercises you can do to help you relax you neck muscles at home or at work. These are simple moves that you can do exactly anywhere. They will help release the tension from your neck muscles and make you relax while incising the mobility of your neck.

Side neck stretching

It involves the extension and flexion of the neck from one side to the other. This exercise will help with any stiffness around your neck.

Make sure your body is in a comfortable position. Stand or sit upright with your body in a relaxed posture and your head straight. Tilt your head so that your right ear moves down toward your right shoulder to the extent that you are comfortable with.

Hold the position for some seconds then flex your neck to the other side, moving in the opposite direction, your left ear moves down towards your left shoulder to a limitation of your comfortability. Do a few more repetitions until you feel better.

When you are on one side make sure you feel the pull from the muscles connecting the shoulders to the neck. Do do it mildly to give you full relaxation. Shift to the other side also. Make sure you feel you muscles relieve and the tension rolling off like water.

Best tips on how to relax the muscles in your neck
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Neck extension

This exercise helps to relieve muscles at the back of your neck and the muscles running down your throat. You should start with your body in an upright position whether you are seated or standing. Your body should be relaxed and your shoulders should not from its natural relaxed position.

Extend your neck by slowly raising your chin so you are looking up at the ceiling. Hold for a few seconds. Do not force the movement beyond a position that feels comfortable.

Flex your neck by letting your head drop forward without straining. Return your head to the start position and repeat the process slowly and with a gentle rhythm.

Neck rotation

Neck rotation is a good exercise for flexibility and it helps to relieve tension to relax the neck muscles. Begin by looking straight ahead, holding your spine in a neutral position. Keep your upper body relaxed and your arms loose by your sides.

Move your head slowly to the side to look over your right shoulder. Turn as far as you can comfortably go, then hold for a few seconds. Move your head back through the midline, until you are looking over your left shoulder, without straining. Return to the start position.

Ways to relax muscles of the neck

5. Do your work in right direction.

If you engage yourself in physical activities like workouts and hard labor, make sure the direction in which you twist your muscles will not cause any unwanted strain to your muscles. This is common during working out, that most people hurt their neck muscles. Please do learn how to do the workouts in the correct way, then get to it.

There are also workouts that can help you deal with the muscle stressing the neck. These exercises will help you deal with pain from any muscle group in your body.

How to relax your neck muscles and relieve pain

Wrapping up!

You don’t have struggle with painful neck muscles. Sometimes the tension in neck muscles can’t be escaped, if you are a sedentary worker or work in a place with limited movement you’ll experience it a lot but now I know you can totally deal with it. These tips will help you out every time you want to relax the muscles in your neck. That’s it for now. Do let me know your view on this in the comment section.

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