How to reduce muscle ache quickly

How to reduce muscle ache quickly

Muscles always tend to ache when given a bit of strain. This can be from a workout, a little exercise, or work done with them involved. In short, it is very common to have muscle aches.

Still, with it being common, the ways on how you can ease the aching muscles might not be common.

When you ask most people, they’ll say I take medication, but does it help? Most of the time, it doesn’t. In this article, I’ll show you the best ways on how to reduce the ache from muscles and how to relieve that pain fast without taking pain-relieving drugs.

What are the causes of muscle ache?

The are many common causes of muscle ache on the body. You may easly be able to determine a painful point but have difficulty in knowing what caused that pain. Here are some of the common causes;

  • Physical stress. This is the commonest cause I’d say. It can be from exercise, overstretching of the muscle, or sometimes swelling.
  • Lack of proper hydration. Wondering how? Water transports almost all chemicals in the body. This means it is very easy for some parts of the body to miss the nutrients, that is if you have a reduced blood flow due to dehydration.
  • Chemical sensitivity. This can occur when you are exposed to some chemicals in the environment. For example; toxins, smoke, medication, and solvents. These can result in your body reacting by causing pain.
  • Nutrient deficiency
  • colds
  • underlying diseases such as infections, allergies or cancer.

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Best ways to treat aching muscles.

Now that you are here, we will see how to not only reduce the muscle ache but also to treat it completely with only simple and easy techniques. Excited?

After reading this article, you will have a lot of options. This includes the natural remedies at home for easing the muscle pain and other alternatives to relieve the pain fast. You only have to try them, that’s all.

Ways on how to relieve muscle ache at home.

Best ways to relieve and reduce muscle ache

1. Use a castor oil compress

This is a traditional remedy that is very common. You ought to try it if you have not. Castor oil has many benefits and one of them is relieving muscle pain and inflammation. But how?

This process works by stimulating and increasing the amount of blood flowing to the muscles. First, you have to warm the oil not so hot, but to where you can handle (lukewarm will be great).

Then take a piece of cloth and dip it in the oil. Use the cloth to compress gently on the aching part. Do that for some minutes and leave the place to recover.

You can try this as many times as you want, depending on the healing. This is a short term healing technique that has helped reduce the ache to the minimum.

If you don’t have castor oil, other oils such as peppermint and turpentine can help.

2. Cold compress.

Are you confused that I recommended hot stimulation, now cold? The difference between these two is that cold stimulation is used only when there is an inflammation.

Inflammations mostly cause swellings. If the muscle is not inflamed, go for hot stimulation.

Here you can apply an ice pack on the area for a few minutes. Ice will cause the inflammation to fade by dilating the blood vessels, pushing blood away from that area. The muscle ache will feel better.

This article by Penn State Health explains at which occasion you need a cold compress and at which situation, you don’t.

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3. Stretching of the muscles.

This is a common technique of course and what it can do for you is great. Different types of exercises can help you stretch your muscles. One of the commonest types of these exercises is yoga.

Yoga is all about your mind and the flexibility of your body. If your muscles have been subjected to a lot of stress from exercise or workload, this should put off the strain.

You don’t have to start with complex moves. Just start with the easy ones. Find yoga poses related to the aching part (that can be your back, chest, legs, or whatsoever), then give it you’re all.

If it is hard to find a specific exercise, This yoga burn program by Zoe Bray-Cotton can help you find the healing that you need. It is easy to try and guided by a yoga expert.

Best tips to reduce muscle pain
Credit; Elly fairytale

4. Get some rest or sleep.

Some people say if you feel like you have muscle ache you need to move it a lot so that the pain will wither with the movement.

That is not okay. If you are coming out of a workout, don’t do more of the exercises. The body will ache mostly upon being strained enough and if you force it, you are more likely to undergo burnout.

When you have an aching muscle, all you have to do is get some time to rest. It is even better if you sleep. This is because the muscle ache can be due to fatigue or exercise.

If it is because of working out, sleep gives time for the muscles to recover. Also, it will give you more energy for the next session and the ache will fade by your body’s healing ability.

How to relieve muscle pain fast
credit; Andrea piacquadio

5. Drink a lot of water

Insufficient water maybe causes aching muscles. This is because water is the solvent in the blood.

Hydrating yourself will make it easy for the correct chemicals such as sodium and magnesium to reach your muscles and it will also improve your blood flow.

6. Correct your diet with pain relieving nutrients.

Sometimes it can be that some nutrients are lacking. You can take food that is filled with nutrients. Some of the chemical nutrients associated with muscle pain are potassium and vitamin D.

There are also some foods that researchers have found to help in reducing muscle ache. The University of Georgia did this research on ginger and found that it can relieve muscle pain from exercise by 25 percent.

Also, the cooked ginger was found to be much efficient to this effect than the raw one. This is worth giving a try.

7. Always do pre and post workouts.

If your muscle pains are caused by exercise, you should make sure your workouts are done at the right time. Muscle ache could mean recovery after an intense activity but it could also mean overworking the muscles.

Before starting a workout session be sure to warm up the body and prepare it for more. Also after doing the workouts incorporate recovery exercises to slow down from the intense activity.

Tips to relieve muscle ache fast
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Not only will it prevent pain, but it will also stimulate the building up of the muscles. You can join this program by Mike Whitfield to access the best recovery exercises after a workout.

Other best pain relief techniques for muscle pain

These are some rare gems to share. Although not a lot of people know of them, they help to relieve aching muscles fairly quickly. Also, they help to reduce muscle ache that has existed for a long time at no effort.

8. Red light therapy for muscle ache

This is a more advanced technique to remove muscle pain and aches and it is highly effective. If you have muscle aches in your body for a longer time, let’s say for months or years, go for this method.

This technique has been efficient in relieving chronic muscle pain most especially neuropathic.

Research is done by the European Molecular Biology Laboratory, found that illuminating the pain area with infrared light after injecting a chemical, pushed the nerve cells that caused pain away from the surface of the skin. Hence the relieving of pain.

How light therapy is used to reduce muscle pain
Credit; polina tankilevitch on pexels

This technology has been taken at heart and now you can buy your machine and do this technique on your own without going to a health facility. This is great right? I knooow.

One thing to point out is that these machines are a bit expensive due to the technology (which I don’t blame). If you want the machine, all the same, you can get it.

But if you want to try the technique but on budget, you can use this pain-relieving cream by Dr. TK. Huynh. It has incorporated the red light therapy technology in which the red light has been infused into the chemicals; both made into a cream to relieve pain. You can get it here.

9. Use qigong therapy.

This is one of China’s oldest healing technique that has proved to be very effective in treating pain and many people have become interested in its results. If you were thinking that it is all about martial arts, it is not.

This method will help you balance your inner energy. When muscle ache or pains occur, it is mostly that the energy is unbalanced and this will cause you to be uncomfortable.

So mainly, it involves the body’s healing power put into effect to reduce and treat the muscle aches.

Although the mechanism is not quite clear, different researches have been conducted on subjects and the results were amazing.

How to reduce muscle pain using qigong
credit; Daria rem on pexels

Florida Atlantic University has reviewed different researches on their study on yoga and qigong.

These movement-based mind-body interventions have given enough reasons to health care experts in recommending them to their patients.

The group that was helped the most consisted of the elderly that suffered from lower back muscle pain.

Despite its popularity, it is taught in few places. You can get your knowledge through this course by Marcus Santer. This knowledge will always help you practice this technique at your home every time to get muscle pains and aches.

How long does muscle aches and pain last?

The truth is it can last some hours to even years. If the body is recovering from an intense workout (which is a good thing), it will take some hours. The body has its healing power so it depends on the way you have been treating your body.

If you eat healthily and maybe exercise a few more times a week, you’ll be surprised by the short time the soreness lasts. If not, it will take absolutely a longer time.

What if the muscle soreness becomes extreme?

Best ways to relieve muscle pain
credit; Karolina grabowska on pexels

Sometimes you might not know the cause of muscle ache or pain, it might happen because of a serious twist of a part of your body or some reasons you don’t know about. The pain can be continuous and unbearable. Please see a doctor to check if there is an underlying problem.

Also if you can’t practice these ways on your own, you can find a coach to guide you through the muscle aches that you are feeling. You can find a coach here to help you eliminate back pain within a short time.


Muscle ache can be non-motivating to working out or performing heavy workload. Always think of it as a physiological reaction from your body. If it lasts longer or becomes extreme just try these tips they will put you off uncomfortability and bring you back to the normal feeling. Hope they help out the aching body and ease the muscle pain.

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