How to get a toned stomach with these tips

How easy is it to get a toned stomach? It is not that easy as one can think but it is totally possible. First, all depends on your body. Are you an ectomorph or endomorph? Let me speak about that later.

Through this article, I’ll show you how to get your abs toned through different techniques no matter what your body type is. It won’t be an easy road but if you are dedicated, you will get your results as fast as a month.

Toning of the stomach means you have a visible alignment of muscles on your stomach, that is a decent amount of muscle that is covered by a little amount of body fat.

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How long does it take to get a toned stomach?

If you are slim it might be easy and fast to attain the toned abs because you have a small layer of abdominal fat. This is a bit different if you are fatter with much of fat build up on your abdominals, which might take longer to achieve results.

Mind you, abdominal fat is stubborn in terms of weight loss. So you might find it hard to see your abs in a short time. So what should you do? You don’t have to worry about it, I’ll take you through every step you need to take, mostly if you have a bigger tummy.

Best way to get your stomach toned

How to get a toned stomach
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1. Take a protein rich diet.

This study by McMaster University researchers was done on two groups where both were on low calorie diet. The difference between them was one took more protein than the other.

The result after the research was, the group with high protein intake gained 2.5 pounds of muscle while the other group did not gain any muscle. Some studies have also shown that proteins regulate the burning of fat in the body.

Since protein is the nutrient for building the body, eat it in large quantities. This will help you build more muscle under your belly. This can include chicken, milk, lean meat and other proteins.

2. Avoid sugary and processed foods.

Sugar might be your greatest enemy. Since sugar is stored in the body in form of fat, all the sugar that you take in will be used as energy and the rest deposited in form of fat in your belly.

This fat will push your muscles further under the abdomen. Most importantly, this fat is not healthy as it reflects your obesity level. Also avoid processed foods such as candy, and beverages.

3. Take a lot of fruits and vegetables.

These are the sources of a lot of fiber. If you are not aware, fiber helps in digestion and helps to clean the gut. It helps to prevent unreasonable bloating. Also most of fruits and vegetables contain few calories.

This will save you the effort of counting calories all the time. If you are confused with what to start with, the fruits that are water rich such as cucumbers, melons and pineapples are best.

4. Drink a lot of water

Water has zero calories to begin with. If you have a habit of taking a lot of water daily, you’ll feel full most of the times and hence lower your rate of food consumption.

Ensure you take at least two liters of water per day. This doesn’t mean you should skip your food, nope! This should help you stop binge eating.

5. Go on potion control

Eat using small platters to ensure you eat very little. This will assist you to avoid hunger, acquire nutrients and still help your body to acquire energy from fat stores in the belly and hence fat loss from the stomach.

How to get a toned stomach in a month
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If you have the ability to go on intermittent fasting, then go for it. Follow a specific time interval that will not push you eat a lot after the fast. Make sure to start slow to let your body adapt to the fasting technique.

6. Take part in a sport or workout.

To lose enough fat, you need to include strength training or sports that will help you burn down fat. These exercises will help to increase your metabolic rate and help your body use the stored up fat as energy to help you get a flat stomach that is toned up. Some of the best sports to help you tone your body are;

• Swimming

This sport majorly involves the upper body and most energy is exerted to that side of the body and so it so easy to get your abdominals toned.

• High intensity interval (HIIT) training and resistance training.

Interval training has been found to aid in reduction of belly fat. The American Geriatrics society did a study on the older people who were affected by obesity. For older people most fat diminish as they age but sadly most of it concentrate on the belly.

This study involved 38 participants to perform weight training exercises with minimum equipment use for 18 minutes then rest periods in between. Their training intensity increased up to 36-minute training period. The end results were, the group decreased their fat mass by triples and belly fat pointedly decreased mostly in men.

If you want to try resistance training at home the MI40 CEP training program by Ben Pakulski is the one for you. It provides you with all the resources you want to get you your dream body. This program uses scientific backed up training to help you build more muscle in the right way. You don’t have to waste the whole day in the gym doing exercises that will cause you to burn out. Everything you need is in there.

• Cardio exercises

These are exercises help to burn fat in large extents. This includes running either on the treadmill or on the ground, jumping rope for about five minutes and other cardio exercises.

• High intensity yoga

Intensity yoga to tone the abs
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Yoga has always been known as soft and mindful. But do you know that you can lose fat by practicing yoga? There are a lot of yoga poses that need a lot of strength. This will help you tone up and improve your mind at the same time.

If you love yoga, I don’t want to deprive you this chance. Through the yoga burn challenge by Zoe Bray-Cotton, you will get to lose weight and tone your body as you desire on through 12 weeks. It is guided by the expert yogi while you do this at the comfort of your home.

If you have the ability to go to the gym and lift weights that’s okay too. Just make sure to target the abdominal muscles. Keep the workout sessions short and intense by doing intervals to prevent burnout.

Exercises to get a flat stomach that is toned

After practicing the above tips to lose fat from your tummy, you should exercise to build your stomach muscles. If you don’t go to the gym or participate in any sport, it might be hard to tone up even with a flat stomach.

You don’t have to worry about that (as long as this article is here for you), here are some of the exercises that will help you strengthen your abs.


this is one of the best to target the upper abdominals.

how to

  • Lay down with your knees bent at 90 degrees and your feet flat on the floor. Put your hands behind your head or on your temples to increase your stability.
  • Lift your shoulders off the floor and pause at the top of the move. Contract your abs as you do this. Make sure your lower body remains fixed on the floor.
  • Lower yourself back to the ground and start again.
How to tone the stomach with exercises
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2. Reverse crunches

This is the opposite of the crunch and it helps to target the lower abdominals.

How to

  • Lay on the floor with your hands straight down fixed on your waist. Pull your knees up and fold them at 90 degrees.
  • Pull your legs up and your knees towards your chest. Contract your abs as you do this.
  • Pause a little at the top and lower your waist down. Your knees should remain inclined at a 90 degrees.
  • Make sure hands are fixed on the ground and so is your upper body.

3. Bicycles

This exercise targets the whole of the abdominals.

How to

  • Start with hands on your temples or behind the head and your legs elevated some degrees from the ground.
  • Pull your right elbow inwards to meet with your left knee as your right leg remains straight and your left hand still touching your temples.
  • Do the same for your right leg and left elbow. Twist your torso to that side as you do this. Make sure your left leg remains straight and right elbow remains away. Do this as if you are riding a bicycle.
  • Do not strain your neck and make sure to engage your abdominal muscles.
Best ways of toning the stomach
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4. Jackknifes

These is also another exercise which targets both the upper and lower muscles of the stomach.

How to

  • Lay straight on the ground with your hands straight behind your head. Lift off your feet and hands of the ground.
  • Contract your abs as you bring your arms and legs up to meet above your stomach. Make sure your legs are straight.
  • Lower yourself slowly and repeat again from the ground.
How to tone and with exercise
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5. Mountain climbers

this is one of another simple exercise to help you strengthen your abs and make you look toned.

How to

  • Lay with your stomach on the ground, lift your body with your arms straight. Make sure your legs are supported by your toes.
  • Fold your right leg and push your knee to your chest. Then change to your left leg and fold it to chest. Make sure your hands remain straight.
  • Do this exercise a bit fast as if running up a mountain. This will not only tone your body but also burn fat.
Mountain climbers to build the abs
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6. Russian twists

This exercise is far most helpful for oblique muscles. If you want to look toned in your stomach, then you better target your oblique too. This muscles will provide you with a thin waist look and define your upper body to lower body ratio well. So how can you do it?

How to:

  • Sit on the ground with your feet flat on the floor.
  • If you are just starting out, make sure to maintain this position as you move your hands from one side to the other. You can add a weight to increase the pressure to your abs.
  • You should also contract your abs to press in the efforts.
  • For a more advanced stage, lift your feet a few centimeters off the ground. You can cross them or press them together, this is to aid in maintaining balance.
  • Your hands should move side to side as if shifting something from left to right.
Russian twists to build the stomach muscles
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7. Planks

What is the most effective full body workout to tone the abs? the plank of course! There is a variety of planks but the exercise itself tones the body. Some people have toned their abs with only this exercise. That might seem like an easy journey but to tell the truth it is difficult.

Two minutes doing a plank might feel like a lifetime. It needs a lot of dedication. A lot of people lose their motivation to exercise. Because I don’t want it to be you, so I included the exercises above to keep you going with success. Here’s how to start;

How to:

  • Stay in a push up position. If you don’t know what that position? Just Let your hands support your body and your toes support your feet.
  • After achieving this position, hold it for a specific time. If you are just a beginner, do start at 30 seconds.
  • Every after some days add another 30 seconds. Keep adding the time up to where you can tolerate.
  • Be sure to keep your back straight to prevent back pain. That way you will not find it hard to do planks.
Planks to tone the abs
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Thinks to consider before engaging in toning workouts.

I have recommended enough the importance of high intensity training to the whole process of toning the tummy. But there are things that are important too;

• Chose your working out attire wisely.

Make sure the clothes you put on are comfy and tolerable. Since there are exercises that require high energy, you are going to be too sweaty. Your attire should give the body enough room to sweat out all the fat while making you feel comfortable from start to the end.

If you have trouble picking the best leggings and tank tops, here you can get them at an affordable price. They are elegant, comfortable and make you feel good even after exercise.

Make sure to buy a nice pair of rubber shoes that will reduce the pressure to your legs during cardio like running or skip rope and intensity training.

• Make sure to have rest

Only during rest is when your body starts recovering and build muscle. And if you don’t rest, you will experience a huge burnout. To avoid this, have some rest. Take a day or two from working out.

• Add warm ups and recovery exercises.

They are irrelevant and time wasting, maybe you’d say. But preparing your body to take up a difficult challenge is not easy. Soon you will give up. To avoid that, add a little stretching before and after your workouts.

The course workout finishers by Mike Whitefield will give you all the recovery exercises that you need. The exercises in the program are not like cardio but they have helped him in his weight loss journey to fitness.

They prevent exercise fatigue and plateau state where the body experience stationary growth and no results are seen despite the hard work. Also workouts are all guided and can be done at home.

• Be careful of injuries

Some of the sports and workouts are prone to injuries and soreness for example the high intensity interval (HIIT) training and cardio can lead to muscle loss, muscle and joint pain when done into extremes. Be careful to plan your workout routine well and you will get greater results.

Always make sure to train safely and leave some time for muscle recovery. If you get muscles pain or soreness pass through this article to know how to deal with it best.

Wrapping up!

It may sound difficult to get a toned stomach but it is easy. All you need is the efforts that will push you to achieve your dream body. I hope you this article is helpful and a guide to your visible abs. if you have any idea let me know in the comments. That’s it for now!

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