How to create a meditation space at home

How to create a meditation space at home

You might be thinking right now meditation is not for everyone and I’ll tell you, you just dont have the right place where you can practice so now you think meditation sucks.

Sometimes it can be hard to create the right environment for practicing meditation as a beginner but when you become a pro, it becomes easy to meditate anywhere and get the benefits.

If you want meditation to work, then don’t let anything get in your way of entering a deep, relaxed state of mind. You’ll find that increasingly difficult if you’re distracted by anxieties about what needs doing in the house or distractions from people nearby. In order for meditation to be effective, you have to eliminate as many distractions as possible and create where only silence will prevail.

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So the best option is to create an inviting space or a meditation space that can sort that problem out. But how can I you do that?

Don’t give it much of a thought because through this article, I’ll show you how you can create a meditation space that will make your meditation enjoyable.

So, how can you create your own perfect meditation space?

1. Create a theme for your meditation room based on your personality

How to create a meditation space at home
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Most people would just look up a place in the internet and then they think they love the sight of what someone posted and boom! They create the same thing at their home as a meditation space. Within time, meditation just feels boring and the environment doesn’t push you to love it.

Your meditation space should reflect you personality, that when you look around, you can see a lot of yourself. Placing objects of your favorite hobbies can be a good take. If you love music, you can hang in a guitar or if you are someone who loves art, you can put a lot pictures or arts.

Also this can also be a sacred space with small objects that represent your beliefs and goals in life. Keep them on display so they are easily accessible when you meditate.

2. Create an outdoor meditation space to connect with nature.

Why do sometimes monks go on mountains to meditate?

I dont know why, but all I know is one of the perfect places for meditation is nature. Nature is one of silent forms of existence and maybe that is their reason but what you should know is, first, it doesnt cost a dime to walk around to see nature at its finest.

And second, you will experience the connection between yourself and all that nature has to offer. This can be as easy as walking in woodland, mountains or in a park.

Experiencing nature will enable you to find peace within yourself. Just remember to appreciate your surroundings and feel your body breathing in harmony with nature and you will love every second of it.

Outdoor meditation area
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3. Choose lovely colors to blend in your meditation space.

I love blue and I think it is kind of relaxing. Remember an attractive space is that filled with colors. Depending on the time of year, it can be helpful to have warmer colors like red, orange or yellow. These are vibrant colors that are associated with delight, which is what meditation should become.

Any meditation centre or places for relaxation are lined with cushions or soft divans that can be with. You can put in your favorite color so that your love for meditation will remain unchanged because of the color of your meditation spot. Mixing things up can also be cool and lovely depending on your taste.

 Using natural materials that reflect the colors and feel of nature, such as wool or cotton also a good idea (depending on what you love). The more relaxed the colors make you feel, the easier it will be to meditate.

4. Aromatherapy.

Fill the room with a cool scent which gives you a calming effect. Most people love lavender but we are all different. You can also go for scented candles which can also be of help. Using different scents can help your concentration and inner peace.

Sometimes using essential oils with no additives or fragrances may not have the same beneficial effect on your concentration. So it is better to try different scents until you find that doesn’t irritate your attentiveness.

If cant think of any that you love, you can shop for different essential oils here and the best diffusers here. It can be a little costly if you are deciding on what to pick but after you get the right scent, you can stick with it until forever.

5. Add plants in your meditation space.

How to set up a meditation space at home
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If you don’t want to go outdoors for meditation, then bring the outdoors inside your meditation room (if that is possible, and yes, it is). Adding plants in the room should be the easy.

Plants that are green or light colored such as red or yellow are best so they don’t distract you during your meditation practice. Plants can help with your meditation because they help you to feel more centered and in tune with the natural world. Indoor plants help to improve ventilation in the room, providing a lot more benefits psychologically.

6. Cut out background noises in your meditation space.

Try to keep the room free from distractions and background noises so you can tune out when you want to meditate.
Instead, try creating the perfect mood by having different music playing whilst you meditate. The music you choose will depend on your own tastes, but try to choose something that is slow and relaxing.

This method is easy if you are dealing with insomnia, the best sleep meditation is to meditate with relaxing music before bed, this way you will be able to drift off more easily into a deep sleep. I recommend the seven minute mindfulness playlist, it is one of the best resources for meditation, and you shouldnt miss it!

Music for home meditation space
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7. If you don’t have a specific place, rethink a room.

You can easily meditate in a variety of different places. Meditate under the stars on a camping trip, by the fire in your living room, or even behind closed curtains.

Experiment with new locations until you discover one that works for you and is easy to reach. When you meditate for a short time or for long periods, it is important to have a comfortable space to help you avoid discomfort.

Try something different when choosing your room’s decor. Try painting or decorating your space so it’s more calming and peaceful. Even if it is not meant for meditation but a calmly set room works like magic.

8. Avoid digital screens in your meditation space.

The first time you meditate and sit in silence, you might begin to feel uneasy because there’s nothing to distract you. It’s okay if it takes a few days to adapt to meditation without digital devices.

If you use your device for meditation it is okay but make sure to stay away from all the unrelated apps that can be a distraction because but after a few minutes, the distraction of these devices will start to seep into your consciousness and may keep you from concentrating fully on your meditation practice.

9. Keep the meditation room clean, tidy and orderly

This will help you to concentrate and not be distracted by unpleasant sights or smells which might prevent you from reaching a deep state of meditation. So its important to keep the space clean and tidy. Clean your meditation area regularly so that anything which might distract you from your meditation practice is removed.

Also remove items that are redundant or unnecessary and try making sure everything is put away after you’re done meditating. Having a tidy, clean space will also help you feel more comfortable in your meditation spot.

Bottom line!

How to meditate effectively is all about personal preference, but if you have trouble concentrating or find your mind wandering frequently during meditation, it’s possible that the room you’re using isn’t the ideal space for your practice. Meditation is more than just something you do, it’s a way of life. These tips should help you find a greater sense of calm and peace within yourself through a perfect meditation space.

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