Tips to help someone calm down from a panic attack

Tips to help someone calm down from a panic attack

Do you find it overwhelming to control a panic attack that you become uncomfortably with some people, surroundings or situations?

Most people try to find coping mechanisms that work for them and after sometime they feel fine. If you are not sure what can help you, this article will assist you on how you can calm down from a panic attack, no matter where you are.

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Sometimes different backgrounds as images and sensations after one attack could trigger a mechanism for you to avoid that particular situation or place.

So what can you do? it requires more energy to suppress both the original trauma and all of the new traumas that developed from the original one. So it is so important that you keep a technique of you own that you feel works best.

Some people might turn to alcohol, drugs and extensive medication. That road might be a wrong turn because often drugs lead to an addiction and then what?

You will feel like your life depend on it.

Best ways to calm down a panic attack
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Though this piece, I’ll share with you natural ways on how you can cope up with panic attacks. These tricks can work even if you are trying to help someone who is suffering from panic attacks. Let’s take a look at them;

Square breathing practice

Controlled breathing is one of best techniques out there. So what happen here? First, try to keep your body relaxed and comfortable. You can sit, stand, or lay down.

Try to breathe in slowly for some seconds or count as you inhale if you find a timer uncomfortable. Then hold your breath for the same amount of time or counts.

As you start to exhale, start to count again or use the same seconds you used for breathing. The next step is to hold your breath again for the same time or number of counts. Then you can start another inhale breathe, try creating a virtual square with your breathing.

How to help someone with a panic attack
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Repeat the process again and maintain the same time sequence throughout the cycle. This gives a square breathing pattern. The main aim is regulate your fast breathing to return to normal.

This technique also help improve blood flow and oxygenation to the blood vessels stabilizing your breathing.

Deep breathing and Meditation

Meditation has a lot of benefits to the mind. Practicing it will help you experience calmness and inner peace. When you experience a panic attack, try to close your eyes and sit in a comfortable position.

Start practicing deep breathing while being mindful. If you are not familiar with meditating, try a simple abdominal meditation practice. It works well and can be done anywhere.

Start by inhaling slowly through your nostrils. Make sure you take slow long breaths. Hold your breath for some seconds then exhale slowly.

Make sure you feel your belly rise and fall as you breath. To confirm this, put a hand on your belly and feel it move as you breathe.

Repeat again with another slow long breaths. You can whisper your mantra in your mind as you breathe, to assure your mind relaxation and a state of being safe. Repeat until you feel okay and relaxed.

If you want to help someone else to deal with a panic attack, you can guide them through the meditation by speaking a mantra softly to their ear as they take deep breaths or speak instructions of the meditation to them as they follow.


Do you own a journal? If not, you should. Journaling helps to relax the mind. If you are frustrated you can let it off on your journal.

Use your journal to record your progress. Try note down your feelings. It doesn’t have to be neat, you just have to let it out.

Journaling regularly will also assist to control your feelings and overcome your fears, reducing the frequency of attacks you get.

Drink water

Taking a glass of water during a panic attack will help you freshen up your mind and it will also stimulate blood flow hence improving your breathing and how you are feeling. Water has a lot of medicinal uses in your body.

It helps to balance all the chemicals in your cells to set your body system in equilibrium so that you can function well.

When you feel down, and fill like you are about to undergo a panic attack, just take a handful of water, you will feel recharged and full of energy.

Relaxation techniques

How to calm down from a panic attack
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You may choose to do any form of relaxation you like, such as meditation, visualization, or the body scan. Some people also go for a deep prayer, it totally depends on what want to do and what you feel comfortable with.

Choose a word that has deep spiritual or personal significance for you, close your eyes and repeat the word softly to yourself. Do it again and again.

Another relaxation method is visualization. Imagine a safe, protected, peaceful place, maybe a beach. Experience the place fully with all your senses.

Notice how calm and relaxed you feel there and allow that feeling to infuse through your body. This will help you calm down and you will be released of the panic.

Take a nap

Try to relax your body, the eyes (you can close them), hands, and feet and just breathe. You can lay down to facilitate sleep.

It might be difficult to drift into sleep, but applying breathing techniques will assist you. Concentrate on your breathing for five to seven minutes. By that time you will be a little calmer.

If you feel like sleeping, just let yourself drift into sleep. But if not, continue with the slow long breaths until you achieve a deep relaxation or fall asleep.

When trying to help someone, you can do this with the person, having someone around might help them felt better and calmer.

Listening to music

Music has a lot of calming effect to it. When you have a panic attack, try to play some soothing music and let your mind be drawn to it. This kind of relaxation is priceless and only needs you to adhere your mind to it.

It can be music or a voice that has a huge soothing effect. I recommend the 7 minute mindfulness program that is comprised of sessions that can help you relax as you try to clear up from the panic attack.

Try to concentrate on this sound as it penetrates your mind, and let the panic attack flow with the music and wash it away from your mind.

Grounding techniques

One of the easiest ways to do this is to become mindful of your physical senses, what do you notice using your eyes, ears, nose, and senses of touch and taste.

Grounding yourself in your physical sensations can stop you from obsessing over your judgments, and by doing so it will also help you become more mindful of what’s happening in the present moment.

Move your focus to your thoughts and judgments. Just notice any thoughts or judgments that arise in your mind, and when they do, allow them to float away by whichever means.

Allow the thoughts and judgments to leave you without getting stuck on them and you can easily let a panic attack regress.

Ice bath and showers

Another great technique is to take a hot or cold shower. It really helps to divert your mind from the panic and lets it pass as you shower.

A lower or higher temperature can help you deal with a panic attack situation although, make sure the temperature of the water is bearable for your skin.

Also as you are taking the shower, add a little mindfulness to it. Imagine the panic flowing away, as the water pours across your body and down your legs, it carries with it all discomfort and distress, leaving you refreshed and rejuvenated.

Going for a walk, run or biking

Taking your mind off on exercise is a good choice to help you out. Going for outdoor walking, running or maybe biking can seize your mind into refreshment. This is also a good chance to get away from the environment that triggers the panic attack.

You can go to a quiet place or rather crowded and just watch how people live. Imagine yourself as an observer and watch them from afar. What are they doing, how do they look like, and their expressions?

Try to study the environment around as you change the setting and you will find yourself relaxed again.

Wrapping up!

I hope this methods will help you calm down from a panic attack. You don’t have to feel overwhelmed with the situation. Pick one or two that you can easily access anywhere when having an attack then dedicate to it. If you want to deal with the situation better, first believe that you can handle it better with any technique you use, and then all things will fall in place. Let me know if you have any other idea down in the comments.

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