How to fall asleep when not tired: tips to fall asleep fast

How to fall asleep when not tired: tips to fall asleep fast

Tiredness is the main cause of sleep. If you are tired, you get to sleep instantly. But what if you are not tired will you get some sleep? Absolutely not. After you finish reading this piece, you might say yes! Since I’ll help you with tricks on how to fall asleep fast and most likely when you are not tired.

Someone is thinking, there is no need for any other help because I have my sleeping pills. It might not be a great idea to spend some cash on sedatives. First they are addictive and second they are not natural so are not good for your health. But if you must, it’s okay.

If you are looking for ways on how to fall asleep fast or how you can help someone get their sleep without pills, this post is for you.

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How long does it take to fall asleep?

If you are tired, it can take lesser than even seconds to fall asleep but if not, you might be up many more hours.

So how long it takes you to sleep , I’d say it depends on whether you are tired or not and also depends on your health status.

The lack of sleep can lead to insomnia and sleeping disorders. This is dangerous to your health mostly mentally and you need to fix it. You can join this program to help you recover your good night sleep and your health.

Always make sure to sleep about seven to eight hours for an adults and if a child you probably need a lot more than that.

How to fall asleep when not sleepy

It is easy to feel sleepy when tired but when you are not, sleep becomes restless. It is not that every day will be a long tiresome to bring you a sound sleep.

So maybe you need to boost that sleep, during that time when you are not tired. Here are tips to help you.

Tips to fall asleep fast when not tired.

How to fall asleep fast when not tired
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1. Drink herbal tea before you go to bed

Herbal tea is what you should drink to sleep faster. Not coffee. The difference is that coffee will take away your sleep and you will have trouble sleeping.

So instead you can take a cup of herbal tea, for example chamomile or valerian. These teas have a soothing property in them that helps the brain have some rest.

In case if you don’t have access to the herbal teas you can take a glass of milk as it produces the same effect and cause you to fall asleep.

2. Make sure your room is comfortable to sleep in

The environment you sleep in, is very important to consider when trying to get some sleep. This include the mattress, pillows and the beddings. They should be pain free and they should be soft to stimulate your sleep.

Also it is very important to consider the temperature of the room that you sleep in. This research has shown that it is very difficult to get sleep in a temperature higher than the room temperature as the body becomes so uncomfortable.

3. The environment should be calm

Calmness encourage a good night sleep. No one can get sleep when the neighbor’s dog is barking too loud at night or the next door neighbor is having a night party.

So ensure where you sleep is a noise free zone and you can’t het mentally distracted from your sleep.

4. Avoid bright lights in the room

Bright light can kill your sleep because they are an indicator to your brain that you need to be active.

Considering that you are not tired, it will be difficult to sleep. Since light is a distraction, you should make sure to turn off the lights in your room before you sleep.

Also avoid using your phone, television or computer a half an hour before you sleep. The screen light interupts the melatonin hormone, which is responsible for sleep as explained in this research so it becomes impossible to sleep.

How to fall asleep fast even when not tired
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5. Avoid heavy meals at night

You should not eat heavy meals or late night meals as some studies have shown this to be associated with gastrointestinal discomfort and poor digestion which disrupts sleep.

This study explains how sleep can improve through not taking heavy foods especially those with high saturated fat and high sugar content.

Rather you can take light foods like fruits and vegetables which according to the study the contain high fiber.

Light foods are easy to digest and you can also in cooperate the drinks that I recommended above. That should work.

6. Think of pleasant things that make you happy

How can you sleep fast at night without thinking? Sometimes thinking is expected, especially when you are not tired.

The solution to this, is to think of the good and pleasant memories or plans. This will lead you to drift into a good night sleep.

If you are depressed or have negative thoughts, it is very difficult to put your mind at rest. Moreover, it can lead to anxiety or panic attacks in your sleep.

If you can’t control your mind, this program can help you deal and control your brain for greater results for your sleep.

7. Listen to quiet music or soothing audio

As I said earlier, quietness is a good companion to sleep. Soft music can cause you to relax and the stillness will cause your brain to be inactive. This is a good way to help yourself to fall asleep.

It can be a soft instrumental or the soothing voice of a host on the radio. Both do the trick.

If you don’t have music around, you can consider practicing meditation for about few minutes until you achieve the sleepiness.

You can try this seven minutes mindfulness program to reassure your sleep. It contains audios that can help to manage insomnia.

How to fall asleep fast when you're not tired

8. Don’t stay out late working

It is important to sleep early so that you can wake up early. Staying up late means you are over exhausting your brain and forcing it to stay longer without sleep, which it will adapt.

So to avoid this adaptation, plan your working hours carefully and make sure to leave enough time for your sleep (consider the average recommended time).

Tips to fall asleep fast when not tired
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9. Avoid daytime sleep

Sometime it is not easy to sleep at night when you slept in the daytime. And this is what causes tirelessness in the body at night. If you don’t have enough sleep to feed the day and night, it is important to avoid sleeping at daytime.

If you slept in the daylight and are having trouble sleeping at night, do apply the other above tricks that can help you instantly.


You don’t have to stay up all night and not take your nap, just because you are not tired. These tricks should help you get sleepy eyes no matter how dry your eyes are without sleep.

Remember to always make sure you have your sleep. That is what determines how much efficient you’ll get at what you do. That’s it for now and thank you for reading.

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  1. Love these tips! I started drinking a calming herbal tea at night and it’s helped me relax.

    1. Oh that’s wonderful to know, you are taking a step.

  2. Wonderful tips! I have a hard time going to sleep when I’ve stayed up working. Between the light from the computer screen and a racing mind, falling asleep can be a challenge. Thank you for the great suggestions.

    1. Thanks hope they help recover your sleep.

  3. I love all these tips! I’ve recently realized just how important sleep is and have been optimizing my room so that I sleep better. It truly does make such a difference.

    1. That’s cool. I hope it turns out well😊.

  4. As someone who has a terrible sleep habbits, THANK YOU! This was a perfect read. Can’t wait to try some of these tips out.

    1. Habits mostly cause insomnia and most sleeping disorders. Hope these tips help you.

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