Welcome to Yasinta’s blog. I am a fan of healthy living and I hope so are you. I started my blog to share my experience and ideas …so that you can and unleash what you were afraid to achieve with you health for more about the blog visit the about me page.

Service #1

Learn how to take care of your mental health. I will show you techniques how to deal with attitudes like how to be happy, deal with people and ways to master your anger. All ways how to control your brain.

Service #2

Getting fit is not an easy thing. It needs commitment and knowing how to deal with your body. I’ll tell you different workouts without equipment and how to plan your diet.

Service #3

I will share with you on different diseases mostly on cancer since I am a health expert on radiotherapy. All the do’s and don’ts you ought to know and how to be disease free.

I would love you to follow me and let’s share more knowledge together.

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