10 HIIT treadmill workouts for beginners

What is HIIT?

HIIT stands for high intensity interval training. It is a type of cardio workout that alternates between periods of short, intense anaerobic exercise and less-intense recovery periods to achieve a total workout in the shortest time possible. This workouts helps in burning more calories than a lot of other workouts, and toned muscle.

HIIT workouts can be performed on a variety of equipment such including treadmills, bikes, rowing machines and elliptical trainers.

In this article, I’ll guide you through high intensity interval training on a treadmill for beginners, so make sure you stay with me to the end!!

Benefits of HIIT treadmill workouts

HIIT treadmill workout
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• Minimum equipment

This workout does not require much exercise equipment and it can be done inside of the home. You will only need a treadmill and that’s it! And the good thing is treadmills are found in a lot of gyms.

• Boost your metabolism

A great way to burn calories is when you are on the treadmill. This is a much more intense workout than treadmill walking or jogging.

• Helps with weight loss

Treadmill exercise is one of the best ways to burn calories, if you want to lose weight and get in shape, then you should try doing some of these high intensity interval training workouts on the treadmill.

While jogging on the treadmill, you can switch from slow pace to fast pace, which will make your heart beat faster and make you sweat more.

Improves endurance and tone muscles

HIIT treadmill workouts help in building lean muscle mass and give you a ripped body which is difficult to achieve from running.

Beginner HIT treadmill workouts

There are various high intensity interval training workouts you can do on a treatmill. Although you can do all of those on a treadmill, there are still different ways to perform them. We’ll check them out one by one….

Beginner HIIT treadmill workout
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Warm up

The most important thing to remember when doing a treadmill HIIT workout is that you should always start off slowly.

This will help avoid injury. You can start off with walking or a light jog to prepare your muscles for the main workouts.

1. Incline run / Hill HIIT Treadmill Workout

This workout is done on a treadmill with an incline. It is an alternative of running up a hill. So if you can’t have access to a treadmill or want to go outdoors, that is also an option.

Remember to always start with a warm up at a low speed and incline, then increase your speed until you’re running as fast as you can.

Once you’re running at full speed, increase the incline on your treadmill and continue running. Just like you would if you was running up a hill.

You can slow down until you are walking again and lower the incline. Repeat this for some minutes.

2. Walking lunges

This exercise help in improving balance and stability while burning fat at the same time.

Start by putting your treadmill on a zero incline and begin by lowering yourself into a lunge position.

Step forward with one foot and lower your body until both of your knees are at 90 degrees angles ( the front knee is above the ankle while the back knee almost touches the floor).

You can take a long step forward with the leg that was parallel to the floor so that it is above the ankle and the other is parallel to the floor.

Make sure to keep both your legs bent at 90 degrees, your back straight and your torso vertical to prevent injury.

3. Incline mountain climber

This treadmill workout requires an incline.You can perform incline mountain climbers by setting your treadmill at an incline of 8 degrees.

You should get into a pushup position on the motor cover of the treadmill while placing your hands on the deck of the treadmill. You can now bring one knee towards the chest as you alternate from one side to the other.Repeat this for about some minutes.

4. Side shuffles

This is a great way to improve your strength in your leg and also burn fat.

Start by putting your treadmill at a high incline. Then stand up straight as you hold the bars for support.

Slowly take your left foot and move it to the side instead of stepping forward. You should then follow this with your right foot and move it to the left side.

You do this workout for 1 minute and then rest for 30 seconds before you perform another set.

5. 10 minute speed surge

Treadmill workouts for beginners
Credit; Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

This exercise involves alternating between speed walking and fast running. Start with a 2 minute speed walk, then increase the speed of your treadmill to run at maximum speed for about 20 seconds, then return back to speed walking.

Repeat this process several times until you complete your 10 minutes workout routine.

6. Sprints

This is one of the best fat burning exercises you can perform. It involves rapidly increasing your pace in a split second and then slowing down.

To do this, warm up for about five minutes by jogging at a comfortable pace. Then increase the speed and sprint as fast as you can for 20 seconds.

Reduce the speed back to normal pace and jog for 40 seconds so that your heart rate goes down. Repeat this cycle eight times with a one-minute break between each cycle. Repeat again until you complete two or three sets of ten sprints.

7. Lateral walk

The lateral walk is one of the most effective HIIT treadmill workouts.This exercise helps to burn some calories and at the same time work out your hips and legs. It involves moving sideways on the treadmill while walking or running.

Start by walking sideways on the treadmill for 45 seconds and then rest for 15 seconds.

Repeat this process three times and then take a break of 1 minute. You can then repeat it for another 3-4 times and then stop.

8. Walking plank

This exercise will improve your balance and posture while also engaging your core muscles. It is best to perform this exercise on the treadmill with a speed of about 2 or 3 miles per hour.

High intensity interval training
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Begin by placing your hands on the side rails of the treadmill and assume a push-up position with your feet on the belt. From here move forward slowly and make sure to keep your back straight.

Hold this position for about 5 seconds before stepping backwards to where you started from.

Repeat this process for about 60 seconds then rest for 30 seconds before starting for another 60 seconds.

9. Reverse walking plank

Start by standing on the side of the treadmill but facing away from it. Hold onto the bar behind your back with both hands shoulder width apart and lean towards the machine until your torso is parallel to it (like a plank).

Hold this position for about 5 seconds before stepping backwards to where you started from. And repeat like in the front plank.

10. Walk/Jog/Run Intervals

This the most popular cardio workout on the treadmill and very effective because you can exercise for a longer time without getting tired.

HIIT Treadmill workouts
Credit; Julia Larson from Pexels

Start by walking at a comfortable pace for 5 minutes while you warm up. Then, increase the speed to a jog. Jog for 2-3 minutes then increase your speed to a run for 1 minute.

Return to the moderate speed jog for 2-3 minutes and then increase the speed again for 1 minute. Repeat this interval 3 more times or as many times as you like and then switch to a walk for 5 minutes.

11. Pyramid treadmill workout

This is another effective HIIT treadmill workout that you should try out. With pyramid exercise, you will be increasing the speed of your workout with increments in incline.

Start with a warm-up of about 10 minutes, where you walk at a comfortable pace. Then increase the treadmill speed and set it on an incline for few minutes. Run at that place.

You can then increase your incline by one more level and increase your speed every other minute until you reach the highest level of incline and the highest speed comfortable for you to run.

Then you can reverse from where you are to the low speeds and incline until you reach where you started from. This reduces too much strain on your body. You can add rest interval of 1 minute before you start the next cycle.

Things to consider for HIIT treadmill workout

When it comes to HIIT treadmill workouts, there are some things that you need to keep in mind.

  • Proper hydration

You should also drink plenty of water before, during, and after each workout to avoid dehydration and muscle cramping. Keep a bottle of water around you. This helps to balance with the water your body is losing.

Best HIIT workouts for beginners
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  • Warm up

Start with a warm-up period of walking on a slow incline for three minutes before increasing the speed.

Also make sure to stretch thoroughly to avoid injuries and wear proper footwear. The shoes you wear should be supportive and have plenty of cushioning in the heels and forefoot to absorb the pressure exerted on your feet.

  • Rest and Recovery

When doing a HIIT workout it’s best to do high intensity intervals of up to one minute followed by a period of low intensity movement or rest for around two minutes.

This gives your body enough time to recover before going at it again.

  • Consult a doctor first

Before starting any exercise program is that you should be in good health for exercising. You should check with your doctor and get clearance if you have any health problems.

Conditions such as heart problems, high blood pressure and diabetes can make you more susceptible to injuries. If you are okay, you can start exercising.

Workouts to do on a treadmill
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If you have been struggling with your fitness routine then this type of workout may be just what you need. HIIT treadmill workouts are a great way to get into shape when you have little time to exercise each day. So I hope now you are ready to use that treadmill for HIIT workouts to achieve your goals.


How often should you do a beginner treadmill workout?

You can choose from beginner levels to expert programs depending on your needs and fitness level. Beginner’s levels may consist of a warm up followed by a 5 to 10 minute High intensity interval training. (HIIT) workout should take less than 30 minutes for beginners.

How fast should you run on the treadmill?

For HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) on a treadmill, it is best if you run at a speed you are comfortable with. This will help prevent muscle strain or injuries.

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