Health benefits from pineapples

Health benefits from pineapples

Are pineapples good for you? In case you’ve been thinking, there’s plenty of it’s advantages. Pineapples are good in a lot of different ways.

Health benefits from pineapples

Lately, I have been a fan of Pineapples. Let me tell you why. A few months ago I was in medication for UTI. I just thought it was over. Although I never returned to the doctor, I knew it was gone.

However, a few weeks ago it was back. Disappointing, right? And yes that’s how I felt. My mother loves herbs so much so she was so concerned. She gave me a secret recipe (which I’ll tell you about it in an upcoming post). But behind this recipe is the Pineapples. That’s why here I am writing this post.

Well, that was me looking at what else am I getting in this pineapple recipe. It’s a lot and some benefits are for people with health problems at a point.
So before, maybe you want to know where pineapples originated.

Where did Pineapples originate

The Pineapples originated from South America major in Brazil and Paraguay as they spread throughout the world to other people like me. Just in short.

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The health benefits from eating Pineapples

Pineapples can be taken fresh or dried. We’ll start slow. This is a bigger view if you want to heal a lot of complications.

1.Pineapples are a source of nutrients.

Pineapple just like other fruits contains nutrients. Most of which are vitamin c and fiber. That’s why it is recommended to eat the fruit itself than take it in juice form. Some people take it as supplements. You are going to miss the fiber part which has a lot of importance.

Fiber helps in digestion mostly it relieves constipation and also prevents you to feel hungry. So if you feel full, you won’t eat a lot hence your body will be in standard weight.

2. Pineapples reduce cancer risk.

There are many different types of cancers. We don’t love cancer and probably don’t want to get it. So, due to the infamous enzyme found in pineapples, the bromelain. A couple of researches show how you can cut down your risks to cancer. How does the pineapple enzyme come in?

Well, basic knowledge is. Your own body makes decisions for its cells. The cancer cells are those that don’t want to follow rules from your body. So what they do, is to multiple uncontrollably.

Because they are not a part of the body, the body tends to kill the cells that are against the rules. But then they don’t want to die. Back to the pineapples, this enzyme pushes the death of the cells that are against the body. Lastly, your cancer risk is lowered. So it is one way to keep cancer away naturally.

3. Pineapples prevents heart diseases.

Surprised? You read right. The bromelain as explained in different studies reduces the risk of your blood to clot.

In case you are thinking how to do this connect, it’s simple. When blood clots in the pathway to the heart, it means your heart will not get enough blood supply what then happens is you might get the disease.

So now our pineapple fruit smoothes the road down to the heart. So the heart attacks and Strokes are lowered.

4. Pineapples help to heal wounds.

A little fact is pineapples contain manganese. Although your body needs this in a little quantity, you should be amazed by how your body uses it.

This component has been the body’s ability to heal wounds. The manganese produces an amino acid which helps in forming collagen. Collagen is important for healing.

5. Pineapples helps to build bones.

Back to the manganese, just above, not to get you confused. The manganese helps to strengthen the bones. The body is able to make your bones strong that way.

6. Pineapples help in Weight loss.

Well in this world of today no one wants to gain weight. It’s okay to not want to. If you gain too much weight, you welcome a lot of complications. So instead we have to control our diet.

Just adjust it a little bit, don’t torture yourself.

The pineapple helps to lose weight because we say it has a medium glycemic load. It has a glycemic load score of 6. It is medium in the list and actually enough to keep you in shape.

Health benefits from pineapples

7. Pineapples are good for inflammation.

The bromelain is an anti-inflammatory. The Universite de Montreal did a study on 32 dogs with arthritis induced inflammation. The formula made consisted of pineapple bromelain and other components. The results after the study showed the dogs to be better as if they were not having arthritis.

Professor Éric Troncy, the senior author of the study, said

The model of evaluation that we have used is the best for predicting the efficacy of anti-arthritis treatments. We can, therefore, consider that clinical trials on humans would have a good chance of having positive outcomes

8. Pineapples are natural sweetener.

Of course, who doesn’t know that pineapples are sugary? everyone knows. You can take them instead of candies. Just as a snack. For health’s sake! I just became a pineapple fan and I tell you. If you are not taking it? You’re missing way too much.

9. Pineapples are source of water.

Maybe if you didn’t know. The pineapple has about 87% water plus the nutrients. A good source, right? If you eat pineapples always make sure you don’t forget your glasses of water.

Things to consider before taking pineapples.

  • Allergy. Are you allergic? Yes? Don’t take them. And if you don’t know if you are. Then you might get irritations or a skin rash after eating them. See your doctor immediately. It might not kill you, but it might hurt.
  • Sores in the mouth. Eating too much of it may cause your mouth to become sore mostly your tongue. So advice takes it in portions.
  • Make sure it is fresh. This is seen exactly with green leaves and it has a light yellow flesh.

Wrapping up!

There’s a lot of benefits to eating pineapples. Take them as part of the diet, or as a meal, snack, or dressing it in your food. Always remember risks such as sores in the mouth and allergies. Share with me in the comments what you think of pineapples, what you benefit, and how many times do you eat them. I’d love to hear from you.

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