Essential ingredients to look for on a food label

Essential ingredients to look for on a food label

Essential ingredients on a food label.

Have you ever thought what makes you buy something you eat? Is it flavour or what you will use it for. Those are important of course! But to determine what product is good for your need. There are essential ingredients to look for on a food label that you should consider.

What we look for before buying something.

Crispy bites to fit your taste. Better food, magical taste. We all have seen those types of ads. And absolutely we really fall for them. Do we actually know what fits us? I mean our health, our taste. Both.

We don’t! We look for high selling brands, good looking models with abs, our favorite celebrities who promote products. That’s when we buy, not caring about what our bodies actually want.

So where do you go wrong?

Food is anything edible but good food is what is fit for you. It does not need a lot of expertise to know what is best. That’s why for everything we buy there is a label to tell what is contained in the product.

Looking at who promotes what, does not make us like them. Sometimes its business, they earn money, we earn crap or diseases.

Don’t worry. I’ll tell you every thing on all essential ingredients to look for on a food label. It is for everyone to know (since we are not all nutritionists), and the more you know, the better.

Important things to look for on a label

1. Avoid foods with too much sugar. Always the label is named in descending order. So if a property of sugar is at the top, the high chance is that food is no good for you. Most especially if it is listed in a high percentage.

That includes sucroses and fructoses that most foods include sodas, candies and syrups.

2. Salt or fat should not be a priority in the product. That means they should not be in a high amount or you are in serious trouble. As we know, most diseases such as heart diseases and high blood pressure are caused by these substituents.

High fatty foods are linked to weight gain and obesity as research shows. So you better avoid them.

3. Make sure there is fiber in the product. Fiber is very important it our bodies. And fortunately, it can be given as others in industrial products at least even two grams.

That can be spices or herbs, something that contains fiber in its natural form. Enough to hold you up in place of fibers.

4. The expiration date is the most important thing to look at in a label. Most of us believe our food stores ( and actually it is the reason we go there) so we just look at the product name if it is the right one, put it in the cart.

Things go bad, they rot. That’s the sad truth, we have to purchase a new one if they do.

To prevent all that, cost losses and protecting our health, look at the expire date. The company of the product keeps it there for you to use it at the correct time they prescribe. The nearer the expire date to the production date, the better it is for you to use.

What more should you consider?

Here we are still looking at how labels effects us, more our health.

  • Allergens. Ever thought of that? Think of it. You eat something and before anything, a rush comes out of your body. That means you may be allergic to that food.

If you are allergic to something don’t take it just because it is your favorite ice cream or spice to your recipes. And if you experience any irritations with a product consult your physician.

  • Avoid foods with lot of industrial chemicals. A healthy food must consist of natural and organic materials. It is no secret that we can’t avoid processed food but we can at least reduce the amount of chemicals we take in.

A long list of ingredients means the company is transparent with what they produce, but it doesn’t mean that everything listed is safe. The decision is yours now to make.

  • Lastly, be careful of any instructions on the labels. Some require you to refrigerate after using it for the first time. This is for efficient preservation.

Some require you to store in a dry place or away from the sunlight. Be sure to do that and that is why labels are there. To inform.

Wrapping up

Processed foods are good but labels are also important to look at when shopping for something. Hope there is enough to add to what to find when buying something. Then have a nice shopping.

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