Easy ideas to perform on world cancer day events

Easy ideas to perform on world cancer day events

Ideas to perform on world cancer day events

World cancer day is just around the corner. I guess you been wondering what can I do to reach my message on cancer to the world. No any world cancer day event ideas?

Don’t worry there are a lot of things that you can do. You don’t have to be a medical expert. The fact being that we all have been touched by cancer in one way or another either from friends, relatives or even strangers, we all have a duty to spread the word of this deadly disease.

What is world cancer day?

First, you can’t be talking about what you don’t know.You might have not heard of it maybe or have heard. In simple definition, this is a day specifically for cancer.

There are a lot of special days out there. Independence days, religious days, Valentine day (which is also coming up) and other diseases’ day like diabetes day. We know that (and probably love them because they are rest days; no work or school).

But this day is different, its not a time to rest and yet its not a time to work hard. It is a day to change your lifestyle, do fun things that you enjoy, with a main aim to bring awareness and prevent cancer in our society.

But when is it observed?

Only on the forth of February each year. This is a God given chance. You have one day to change the world.

Easy ideas to do in world cancer day event

Why exactly should we hold a world cancer day event?

Still wondering? Well, everything has a purpose. Like i said before. The aim is to spread the word on cancer. Bring awareness to people, do different diagnosis, and be part of the prevention team. Be an ambassador and participate in one way or the other.

Having to know that, then how will I participate. I don’t know anything about cancer? Well! You are at the right place. You can do a lot of things. Probably, what you do everyday. But in a different way. So don’t be afraid to hold a cancer day event, I’m here to help you out.

World cancer day event ideas.

So let’s get started. Don’t go round thinking what should I do. Here are easy ideas to make it work. You can always pick the right one for you and apply more than one way to brighten your 4th of February.

1.Social media influence.

Who doesn’t use social media these days? There are billions of internet users in this world. People are looking for news, videos, audios, posters, everything they do in life they want to find it on media.

This is a good opportunity to pass your message. Use anything you are good at. Make videos, posts, audios, or whatever. Even if you don’t have a message of your own try sharing other people’s.

Host Facebook live events to post what you want to do to reach a lot of people, or if you want to hold an event on cancer awareness at a particular place, use it to invite as many people as possible.

Also post on any social media like Instagram, Pinterest and WhatsApp to reach more people.

2. Participate in free screening.

There is nothing good as free especially if it is for your own health. Most cancer institutes offer free screening on different types of cancer. Take part in screening. You can’t promote cancer to other people if yourself don’t take it into consideration.

Be an example to other people and lead the movement by checking your own health first.

3. Participate in walks, race or cycle events.

In most special medical days, such events are held in different places to bring awareness and create a movement that will influence people to take part.

It can be walking, running a few kilometers, marathon and some cycling for long distances.

This events can be posted on social media or specific websites. For world cancer day there are events like this all over the world on the world cancer day website. Try to find the one near you and participate.

4. Writing articles.

Nowadays a lot of people spend their time reading. It is also a nice idea to write a good article, post it on your blog(like this one of mine, you are reading now), social media pages or on forums like quora.

This helps to reach a lot people. They may not be a lot, but it is worth it even if a few people pass by to read. This is helpful if you are camera shy. You can do it even if you are not good at writing. Just pour out your heart and tell the world what you think of cancer.

5. Do an outreach.

This involves going to places to give knowledge on cancer prevention especially for medical experts and students. What you think is a little knowledge can change someone’s life and can save another’s.

Take the chance. Go to schools, public place or country sides. Where people are less exposed to this knowledge. And do your part.

You can also visit hospitals to see the cancer patients. You may not give them knowledge to prevent but a little encouragement helps.

6. Campaigns and fundraising.

This can be done as events where this money is used to conduct research, to run different cancer institutes and to help those who cannot afford cancer treatments(as they can be expensive at times).

You can do it personally or together with associations around you who are ready to help like non profit organizations like churches.

7. Contests and challenges

Have you ever heard of giveaways? People love them. It is a way to make people engaged. If you have a company or you are a public figure. It is a way to enable people to participate on world cancer day.

Say a company posts that, tell us what you did in world cancer day this year to raise cancer awareness. The winner gets thousand dollars. Probably, a lot of people will participate.

Also challenges are a way to engage people to world cancer day. Let people do things that will bring awareness to other people to prevent cancer. Either diet tips, exercises or videos that provide advice and education.

8. Prayer service.

This is one special way to celebrate world cancer day. We don’t know if it a way that we can do our part on this particular day.

Through our faith let us pray for cancer survivors, patients, people who take take care of them and treat them. Let us pray for even the treatment methods and drugs they use. This helps to support our loved ones who are affected. Even those who we don’t know.

Everyday habits that put you at risk.

This day better that all other days is when you have to learn habits that will put you at risk of cancer. So you need to practice healthy habits daily.

  • Avoid alcohol drinking and smoking
  • Never have multiple sexual partners
  • Eat clean and correct diet.
  • Remember to exercise.
  • Avoid chemical polluted environment
  • Regular screening of cancer

Just to mention a few that are a foundation to how to prevent cancer, keep learning everyday and always protect yourself.

Wrapping up!

World cancer day event is for you and should be a life changer to you and those around you. You are the ambassador to prevent cancer in this world. So do your part effectively. Let me know your ideas on the comments on how you will spend world cancer day. Is it special to you?

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