10 smart ways on how to deal with loneliness by yourself

10 smart ways on how to deal with loneliness by yourself

If you are aware, as the years go by, the world is getting more lonely than you can imagine. Probably because we are getting so busy with our jobs and because of that, it’s important to learn how to deal with loneliness as fast as possible.

First, you should know what this feeling is. Loneliness is the feeling of being alone together with being sad and isolated. If you are reading this you should not think that it is so easy to eliminate it. Loneliness just like other psychological issues needs time. A lot of time in fact.

How to deal with loneliness by yourself
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You can feel lonely for a number of reasons and in different places. It may be because you moved to a new city, you are at work, school, or even at home. Some research go further to explain loneliness as a heritable trait. But in all, whether you are single or married, popular or not. I want to tell you that it is normal to be lonely and to feel alone. You aren’t the only one.

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But what if this loneliness goes on for a long time? It’s time to do something. If you aren’t so sure how you will start, here you are. By the end of this article, you will be able to deal with feelings of loneliness and If this feeling ends, your physical and mental health will improve too.

Ways on how to deal with loneliness.

Just like the word ‘lonely’ means. You just feel like you are on your own and you become sad about it. Let me surprise you. You can deal with loneliness with or without friends.

Believe me, sometimes we just need to be on our own to solve our own puzzles. So let’s start.

1.Find yourself

People always say I need to be alone. Most especially because they are mad, angry or they don’t feel loved. But this situation is what pushes them to loneliness feeling.

Most of us don’t know how to use this ‘me-time’ we tell people around to give us.
This should be a time to find yourself, look for the person in you so that this time doesn’t turn to be loneliness. But how can you achieve this? It’s easy. Have fun alone. Read a fiction book, watch a comedy, pray, meditate, or whatever. This trial was done and it shows how meditation is helpful in fighting loneliness.

This should be the time to make you realize your needs and make you achieve inner happiness all by yourself. This book can help you train your brain. If you don’t provide enough love to yourself during this time, it is obvious you will feel lonely.

2. concentrate on your plans and goals

This is the best way to cope with loneliness. Being busy. If you are going to stay idle, then this will be a time to get you thinking of how lonely you are and how no one is concentrating on you.

Get on a schedule, create plans and to-do lists for each day. Always have a vision board to remind yourself how much extra mile you should go to attain your goals.

Deal with loneliness by trading that idleness to busyness. It might sound still boring but once you figure out your way, you will never feel lonely again. In fact, you might not realize how a friend doesn’t contact you until they do.

3. Avoid being alone.

Never push yourself away from people unless they are the ones that push you away. This will trigger loneliness no matter how much you try other ways to overcome it. Our minds always have the tendency to create negative feelings over some situations. This program can help you to control the mind.

How to deal with loneliness
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Now that you are always pushing away from others, your mind says you are lonely and no one wants to be your friend. which is not true. You are a blessing in someone else’s life and you have to act like one.

Be there for someone else, a friend, family, lover, or a colleague. You might be helping them but you are helping yourself to deal with that loneliness. Don’t be alone.

Sometimes life might look boring and you will soon realize how lonely you are getting. It’s not time to be a sad cry in your room every day about how loneliness is affecting your life. When you feel down, enlighten yourself. Go and listen to a motivational talk on different platforms. That will do.

4. Listen to music or read motivational articles on the web.

This is a very good and simple way. You just have to dedicate yourself to how enlightenment can help you deal with your loneliness.

Listen to music and read fiction books or even articles. This will help to keep you busy or much more use the me-time effective to aid loneliness.

5. Go travelling

Getting away is also a good way to cope with loneliness. Why? Because you get to meet a lot of people you didn’t know and also you get out of an environment which made you insecure. It’s natural to feel lonely in someplace you feel you don’t fit.

Travel to a place that has a lot of people like parks or heritage buildings. As you explore, you’ll be surprised by how many friends you’ll make. The only thing you have to do is step out of your comfort zone.

6. Talk to your family.

If you moved out of your parents’ home to your own place, alone or you are living all by yourself, you might be busy, but do remember to stay in contact with your family.

Your family is not some passerby in your life, they are people you know.

Family helps in dealing with loneliness a lot. Talk on the phone, a video chat or attend on family get together like on Christmas season.

This is important and essential. Sometime you might not have a family but you could have close friends, children, or you could keep pets. They are all family. It is a helpful trick.

7. Contact your phone book list.

I do this a lot and I would say it’s a game-changer. So how? You could just take maybe ten phone numbers and text each ‘hi’. Not all will respond but it will be quite a number of people. It may sound crazy but as life goes on, we are getting more lonely because we have no time for each other.

This is a good way to cope with loneliness and to keep old friends always by your side.

How to deal with loneliness by yourself
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8. Meet new people

If you are a social person it is easy, but if you are not, it might be a little hard to meet new people. Go out for a walk, say hello to people, and have a small talk with strangers on the way. That should be easy if you let out a smile too.

You don’t have to be scared because these are people you don’t know you. If you will meet them again it will be a coincidence. A good one of course.

Just assume you are in search of an important gem and this gem is a friend. Go out each day and speak to at least one person. This will cure your loneliness.

How to deal with loneliness with 10 easy ways

9. Find friends online.

You might have been thinking this is the first best idea (in your list maybe). Let’s say a no and a yes. These days every one has the internet. We don’t want to go meet friends because we think we can chat our friendships on the phone and much worse we date too much on the phone than in real life.

In short, this is a way that can cause loneliness but yet heal you.

How? It is a great way to make new friends throughout the world but you have to be careful of scammers. Download apps that are social media and you are ready to go. Don’t rely on online methods much but for now, it is an effective way.

10. Volunteer to events.

There are a lot of events out there although they are designed for a particular purpose it is also where you can meet people and make friends.

Volunteer there and go help out. If it is building something, running a marathon, workshop, or a blood donation. Participate for the sake of your loneliness.

Seize the opportunity and make as many friends as possible during each event. You are going to be free from being lonely. This is a very easy method to use.

Wrapping up!

I tried to explain this as easy as possible as these techniques can help you deal with loneliness with or without friends. Isn’t it great? Being lonely is not about you not having friends, it’s about you getting out of your comfort zone and deciding that you are not alone in this world. Do interact more and don’t feel lonely. Let me know of a technique I didn’t include. It will be helpful to other friends who visit here. Good luck!

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