Best ways to make someone fall asleep

Best ways to make someone fall asleep

Some people have a hard time getting sleep, which means they get little to no sleep. So maybe they ask you to help them or you are just sorry and you decide to give a hand even if they didn’t ask you. Its okay. If you have no clue where to start, I’ll show you how you can make someone sleep fast with a little effort.

I thought I should write this article because one day my roomie was having trouble sleeping and she just kept on talking on and on. I needed to be busy.

So there is this traditional remedy that if you put peeled garlic pieces under your pillow, the next minute you’ll be in your dreams. So I suggested she try that trick.

And guess what the next time I checked she was sound asleep. The next morning, I told her how I had proved my theory. But she denied she didn’t get sleep. What? I was not buying it, but couldn’t deny because she was the one on bed.

To cut the story short, I started finding other solutions for her that perfectly work. So through this article I’ll share them. These tips are the best when you want to make someone fall asleep. I promise they will help you out.

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How to make someone fall asleep without them knowing

If you want to go with the garlic technique, fine. But if it doesn’t work, let’s get you another magic to get your friend or family to their dreamland. Let’s get started…

How to make someone sleep

How to make someone fall asleep without putting an effort
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1. Make sure they sleep in a comfortable room

The first tip that brings sleep is that the person should be comfortable. How? It means the bed should have a better mattress to prevent pain and body aches.

Also the covers and sheets should be clean and soft to sooth that person into sleep.

One research was done to see the effect of heavy weighted blankets on insomnia patients. The patients results were amazing as they showed a greater reduction on insomnia levels compared to those who used light weighted blankets.

A comfortable room and bed reminds the body physically that, with this environment you got to have a good rest. That is the first consideration you should put.

2. Massage their feet or hands

Who doesn’t like that soothing touch. It is easy to make someone fall asleep by just touching them. These areas have sensitive nerves that can stimulate the brain to inactivity which cause a relaxing effect and brings sleep.

This technique has been proved to help even the elderly who have sleep deprivation due to aging.

To make it easy, use liquid oil like olive or coconut to squeeze the feet or hands gently (like you were applying the oil).

Make sure to use your palms, not single fingers, to prevent tickling (that may not bring sleep). Do this continuously as you watch the person drift to sleep.

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3. Read them a book

Do you know why mothers a few years back were reading their children books before they slept? This was to encourage their children to get some sleep.

Most modern mothers can’t do that now. They are so busy with work. Try doing this for the person you want to sleep.

When reading, your voice should be low and slow and the book should be interesting yet not so active (comedies should be a NO for bedside reading). The brain tends to switch into a calmer state which causes the person to fall asleep.

Best ways to make someone fall asleep
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4. Switch off light and avoid use of electronics

It is recommended to avoid using visual electronics like phones and monitors about half an hour before going to sleep.

This prevents disturbance in the brain causing the person to get a better sleep and improve their mental health.

Bright light pushes the mind into being active and hence this can deprive you of sleep leading to insomnia.

5. Watch a dull quiet show together

In the above point I pointed out electronics to be a no-no. But in any case you don’t have something to steer yourself into sleep like a book or tiredness, you may use this technique.

All you need is a boring show with people speaking in soothing voices. I tell you this is music to the ears. If you are sitting together, this will push you into sleep in less than ten minutes.

You can also work with quiet music like ballads to bring sleep.

6. Try doing relaxation techniques

Relaxation exercises from the word relax, helps the body to have calmness and rest. A good example is meditation. It is easy to fall asleep when meditating because the mind is in a quiet state.

Just close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing. Try to breathe slow and make sure you breathe through your stomach. This will ease the tension from the body and eventually you will sleep.

If you don’t have a clue where to begin, you can join this meditation course by Jason Stephenson to help you with different techniques of meditation. You can get it here.

7. Talk the person out of worries or fear before sleeping

It is difficult to sleep when the brain is still analyzing thoughts. This mostly will lead to insomnia and other sleeping disorders.

So if someone is worrying too much, you can help them by talking about good pleasant things or remind them of good memories you had together.

This will help them have peace of mind which will put their brains to rest and eventually the person will fall asleep.

Sometimes it is difficult to control emotions and your mind keeps bouncing back to the negative thoughts. Use this mind balancing plan by Mark Williams which is only a seven-day program.

He will provide you with methods on how to balance chemicals in your brain to restore your sleep. Try it here.

How to make someone fall asleep fast

8. Ensure the person sleeps the same time each day

This is something to do with adaptation. If you happen to sleep at a particular time every day, it is difficult to stay up late more hours to the time you always sleep. This is because your brain is used to stop working at that particular time and it has adapted.

You don’t have to put much effort here, just stay organized with your schedule, make sure you have finished your work early and are on bed the same time every day. Also do not stay up late, remember early to bed is early to rise.

9. Advice the person to eat a light snack or drink herbal tea before sleeping

The person should not eat a heavy meal when they are about to sleep. This is because the brain will have to concentrate on the digestion process rather than sleeping. Instead they should take a lighter snack example fruits and veggies for an easy metabolism.

Also drinking of herbal teas such as chamomile tea help in stimulate stimulate sleep. This is because the content in the tea have soothing properties which can cause the person drinking it to feel relaxed and hence sleep.

10. Avoid exercise before sleeping

Exercising causes the body to be active, which causes it hard to fall asleep. So if you are about to sleep don’t do things that will deprive you of your sleep.

It is good to work out but if you will do that, make sure it is hours away from your sleeping time.


It easy to make someone fall asleep as fast as possible whether they don’t know or asked you for help. If you are at the end of this article, you ought to try this tips out. I promise they will work out for you because they did help for some other people I know. If you have a new idea let me know of it.

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