Best self massage tools you should have at home in 2021

Due to work load it is sometimes very difficult to find time to go see a massage therapist. Also now that the pandemic has caused a lot of places to shut, you might feel like your body is experiencing a lot of tension. If you are like me who spend the whole day fixed at my computer or walking around the whole day, the body pains can be unbearable. But this should not be a problem at all.

You can stay for months without seeing your masseuse or masseur and experiencing no aches through these self massaging tools. These tools will help you perform a massage at home while you relax from a busy day. That is great, isn’t it?

Yeah, it is absolutely great to know that.

But you should also know that not all self massage tools are made with quality. (oops! A red flag)

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This article will show you some of the best massage tools that have helped a lot of busy people, athletes and even the therapists themselves.

Before you buy from your store make sure you decide on what is best for you. To make it easier for you, I have recommended some of the best massage tools to help you out ASAP.

Best self massaging tools to have at home

Full body massage chair

Who doesn’t love a full body massage? Unfortunately the masseurs can only move on specific muscles at a time. If you want it all, the massage chair has it all.

This massage chairs have all that the experience you want to feel throughout your body. Imagine getting a full body massage while sitting in a comfy position.

It helps to relieve chronic pain from different parts of the body at the same time, improves sleep caused by tiredness, helps in better movement of the body and gives the body a physical and mind relaxation.

Massage chairs for self massaging at home
Credit; slabway

You can get the best massage chair here. The chair has a seat, build in legs and feet to conform your body for a proper massage. It is easily to regulate the depth, intensity and speed through a remote control as you get your full massage.

It also has a smart roller system which helps to shape the body well. You can incline it to increase circulation of blood to your feet and throughout your body. The chair provides a massage through vibration, contains airbags and heating system that stimulate proper blood flow as it relieves your body aches.

Get it here at a discount

Smart eye massager

If you are experiencing a lot of eye stains, then you need this eye massager. This is very good if you stay behind your computer or phone for many hours. The light from electric devices can be damaging to the eyes. The eye massager helps to relieve eye fatigue and induce sleep, if you are suffering from insomnia.

Sometimes eye strains can be severe even cause headaches. The eye massager stimulates the acupressure points to relieve the pain. It also helps with puffy eyes and causes them to disappear.
This massager also provides heat compression and it has an air bag that supports it to provide vibration massage.

There is a total of five adjustable modes on the device depending on your needs. And the best feature of this eye massager is you can easily connect to your device via Bluetooth to play your playlist, or you can listen to nature sounds that are customized in the inbuilt speakers.

Buy yours here.

Massage roller set

The massage roller set consists of five different accessories that work by rolling to relieve pain. The first component is the massage stick which helps to massage the areas that are hard to roll such as the inner thighs and quad.

Another piece is the handle that helps to press the muscles for easy relief. The set also contains the foam roller which helps to relieve the hamstring and gluteus muscles and this roller comes with space for storage that is capable of keeping stuffs that small.

The stretch strap is another accessory in the roller set. It acts as a deep tissue massager where you wrap around your foot and control the intensity as you pull it according to the muscle you are targeting. And lastly the set has two massage balls that help in deep tissue massages of the face, neck and feet. All these tools help to massage different areas of the body manually.

You can get the massage set here. The components singly are in their links above.

Electric Neck and Shoulder massager

The neck and shoulder muscles are mostly prone to tension. It is because these muscles can stay for a long time without movement especially when you work from a desk. This tool provides relaxation in these areas by improving circulation. It also reduces fatigue and pain from the neck and shoulder.

The electric neck and shoulder massager consists of four massage heads. It also provides a hot compress massage while it is curved to fit the shape of the neck for comfortability.

It has a wireless controller that helps to adjust the movement. This device also uses the low frequency electric pulse technology for better deep tissue massage.

Buy the device here

Best Scalp massager

The scalp is one of the sensitive areas of the body. A good massage in the scalp can help you relieve pain in the skin that covers the head and promotes hair growth through increased circulation. It also relieves tension and helps to induce sleep.

This scalp massager is portable and it is also water proof (best accessory to add to your shower!), it is easily rechargeable and has different massage techniques such as scratching, kneading, pushing and pulling. This helps to improve circulation.

It also consist of 28 individual nodes that facilitate the massage and its best feature is, you don’t have to use it on your scalp only. You can use it to massage your feet, legs, shoulders or back.

Get it here.

Mini machine guns

Best self massaging tools
Credit; Nb relax

These are powerful devices that help to massage different muscles during different times of the day as it is portable. If you just got out of a heavy workout and your muscles are aching like crazy, then this is the best choice.

The mini massage guns provide vibrations that can help relieve tension from muscles. They are portable and about the size of a Smartphone. You can charge it via a USB and use it anywhere because its battery last for eleven hours.

It also has four different massage heads to fit different muscles and also you can adjust the speed depending on your use.

You can buy here.

Shiatsu Foot massager

If you spend whole lots of hours standing or walking you might find your feet hurting, the best solution is to get a foot massage. A foot massager helps to improve circulation to the feet and reducing the tension from your body through the feet. It also helps to reach pressure point in different areas of your feet.

Are you looking for something that will massage multiple areas in your feet with no effort? This best foot massager is what you need. One of the best advantages is, it is portable and it will enable you to adjust different speeds and direction of the movement by using an easy to use wireless remote control.

Also this massager has different programmed modes according to what you need in that massage. It can massage from the heel, toes, and sole and up to the calves. Just depends on the position you place it. You can also adjust it to perform massage techniques such as rolling, pulsing and kneading.

You can get it here at a discount price.

Foot and leg Massager wraps

If you feel like a foot massage will limit your movement at that particular time, then the best solution is to get leg massage wraps. These will give you a better massage even when you are in a sleeping position.

Self massaging tools for 2021
Credit ; slabway

Shop for the best foot and leg massagers here. It has a fair advantage like the foot massage only that it is wrapped around the legs. It is made of a high end fabric that you can adjust depending on the size of your legs and air bags that are durable.

It also has a controller that you can hold in your hand to make various adjustments such as speed and depth of vibration. And the best advantage is you can carry the wraps anywhere (even in your travels).
Buy it here at a discounted price.

Acupressure mat and pillow set

If you are familiar with the acupuncture therapy way of relieving pain, then the acupressure mat works the same way. It is made of many small plastic nails that are non toxic and the main feature of this tool. These nails provide stimulate different pressure points when you lay on it. This helps to release the tension from these points that is interpreted as pain, improve circulation, for better sleep and stress relieving.

Best accupressure mat for pain relief
Credit; nb relax

Get your acupressure mat here. It comes with a pillow set to help relieve the head and neck regions and also give you comfortability. Another advantage is it has a hand washable removable cover that makes it best for a long time use.

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Wrapping up!

These are some of the best self massaging tools you need to have at your home. They will not only save your money every time you see a massage therapist but also save your time too as you can use them while concentrating on your work.

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