9 Back pain stretches and exercises for relief

9 Back pain stretches and exercises for relief

Getting a back pain is one of the worst pains, I’d say. You can feel the sting around your spine, that you won’t want to move. I experience this from time to time. Sitting on my dining table reading and writing for hours, and the last thing I know, I can’t feel my back.

Most people try to embrace back pain as part of their lives. And if you are one of those people, it’s time for change.

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You have to deal it fast before it becomes a bigger crisis. And since you are still reading this article, I guess you decided to make a turn back, congrats!

Back pain has various causes. It can be anything from poor posture, to an injury or muscle strain. However, the vast majority of cases have no obvious cause, mostly known as chronic low-back pain.

Exercises to strengthen back muscles

If you have been suffering from back pain for a long time, it is possible to relieve the pain with daily exercise. These exercises will aid with flexibility and also help to ease movement of the back while eliminating the pain.

Through this article I’ll share with you different exercises that have helped me out big time. I want you to try them and I promise you will keep your sitting job until forever. If you keep practicing these exercises daily, you will see changes after sometime (that’s only if you stick to the plan).

Exercises to relief back pain

1. Piriformis stretch.

It is possible for piriformis muscle pain to develop in one of your hip muscles due to muscle imbalance from too much time spent in one position.

A Piriformis muscle creates pressure on the sciatic nerve, which can lead to severe back pain. However, the good thing is, you can totally train this muscle to deal with the back pain. I’ll show you how.

How to do the back piriformis exercise.

  • Lie down on the mat with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor in front of you. Put the calf of your painful buttock across the other knee.
  • Reach under your knee and pull it towards you. Then that it. Or…

You can do the Standing piriformis stretch, which is much easier and can be done anywhere.

  • Stand erect and pull your legs, one by one, and bring them to your stomach.
  • You need to ensure the upper thigh touches the stomach (only make sure you do not stretch too much).

2. Hamstring stretch for lower back pain relief

Despite this exercise being for the hamstring muscles, it also works for stretching the lower back. So you got to exercise two muscle groups at the same time. (And probably a lot more maybe). Great!!

How to do the hamstring stretch;

  • Lay flat on the ground and lift one leg towards your chest. (Keep the leg straight as you lift It). keep your hands behind the knee to help support the movement.
  • Extend the leg until you feel the stretch on your hamstrings and lower back muscles.
  • Shift to the other leg and do the same. Again, always ensure you don’t curve your back.

3. Child pose stretch

If you are familiar with yoga, this exercise is probably not a new thing to you. For the rest of us who are not yogis, I should tell you it is one of the easiest exercises that anybody can do.

You just have to flex your body in the right way and you are in the right path. There are a lot of variation, here we only talk of one (the simplest of them all I guess).

How to do child pose stretch

  • This pose is initiated from your hands and knees. Be in a kneeling position and sit on your feet while they are flattened on the ground.
  • Fold your torso gently forward until head touches the floor and bring your arms in front of you and lay them on the mat, palms facing down.
Child pose to relieve back pain
Credit; yanalya from Freepik

4. Bridges exercise

This exercise helps to strengthen the lower back, glutes and the thighs. Here is how to do it.

  • Lie on your back, bend your knees and bring your heel up your glutes. Your arms should remain fixed to the floor.
  • Inhale, arch your back, lifting your hips up. Hold for several deep breaths, squeeze your glutes together. Exhale, then come down slowly.
  • Repeat the exercise two or three times.

4. Wall sits

Wall sit can seem easy but they are difficult to maintain for minutes. The good thing is you can do it anywhere as long as there’s a wall.

This exercise improves the core muscles, the hamstring and back muscles.

Steps to the wall sit exercise.

  • Lean back onto the wall at a position where your body is upright, your spine is neutral, and your are feet slightly wider than shoulder-width.

-Your back should be parallel to the floor.

  • Your knees should also be bent at 90 degrees and feet parallel to the ground. Keep your arms straight and parallel to the floor with palms facing the ground.
  • Keep this position for 30 seconds or until it becomes difficult to maintain then stand and repeat (repeat this exercise three times).

5. Back extension

This is a great core exercise in which you flex your body around your hip joints while keeping your spine neutral. Hamstring flexibility will determine the degree of flexion you can achieve.

  • Lie with your face facing the the ground. Your toes should be fixed to the ground and your hands should hold the back of your ears as the elbows extended to 90 degrees.
  • Move your upper body back as if ascending while you breathe in. your body should remain straight even when you move.
  • Lower your upper body gently back to the ground as you breath out. This exercise can also be done on an elevated surface like the bench or a workout ball.
Exercises to relieve back muscle pain
Credit; Freepik

Alternatively, you can lay flat facing the ground and support your upper body with your hands pivoted straight to the ground, perpendicular with the floor.

Your lower body should remain flat on the ground. After afew breaths, lower your upper body to the floor.

Repeat this movement for about five times, and feel your lower back pain ease. Be careful not to cause more damage on your back.

6. Extended sit-ups

This is an exercise you can do with some equipment if you wish such as kettle balls, but no equipment is totally fine.

Although it might be hard starting out, do not go hard on your back. The exercise also helps the core which is the support of the back and some thigh muscles.

How to do extended sit ups

  • Sit on your feet with your back straight (the knelling position). Place your hands above your head, where if you have weights you can hold them.
  • Lean on back a little bit, and then get back to the normal position. Repeat for a few more times.

* Do not stay like that for a long time, because it can cause an inappropriate pressure on the knees and legs. Just about three to five minutes is okay.

7. Cat pose exercise

This exercise relieves tension in lower back, upper back and shoulders. It also improves breathing and stimulates circulation.

How to do the cat position

  • Start on all fours ( like a cat). Inhale then exhale as you gently round the back like a cat, press down on the hands.
  • Simultaneously lower the head and press the chin against the chest.
  • Inhale as you lift your head and push the spine down until it curves, you should now be looking up.
  • Repeat at least three sets.
Lower back pain stretches
credit; Freepik

8. Sitting upright

This might not be an official exercise but a daily practice of sitting straight each day, with help you lower your constant back pain.

When you sit, stand or walk, your back should always remain straight. You should also stretch your torso from time to time to avoid numbness or stiffness that may follow as a result of sitting in the same position.

9. knee to chest stretch

This exercise can be done with a single leg or with both.

  • Lie your body flat on a mat your front facing up. If you dont have a mat, You can do it on your bed. (as long as you are lying down on a flat plane, then you good).
  • Fold your right leg from your knee and pull the knee with your hands towards your chest.

Make sure your left leg remain straight on the floor, and your whole body still pinned to the ground. This help to prevent injury to the back.

  • Change legs and do this for the other side.
  • For double knee to chest, fold both knees and pull them towards your chest.
Exercises and stretches to relieve back pain
Credit; Freepik

Exercises to avoid when experiencing back pain

There are also some exercises that you should avoid when deal with back pain, for example

  • Exercises that twist your spine, like sit-ups and crunches.
  • Exercises that push the spine into an extended position such as sitting on a bench for too long.
  • If you are experiencing chronic low back pain without any of these precautions, this is where you need to do your exercises carefully.
  • If you are experiencing severe chronic low back pain that sometime you can’t pick something off the ground or the pain is so intense, please seek a physiotherapists help. The physiotherapist will help you do exercises to ensure you don’t go wrong.

If you still want to do everything at home, you should try the back pain coach program by Ian Hart. Ian has helped a lot of people with his power movements that relieve the back. This techniques that you won’t learn anywhere will save you costs from medications and give you healing within short time. You get the video guides and the best thing is, you can give his team a call and they will help you more closely. If you are having chronic pain, you should try it.

If you pain persists or goes to worse after engaging in back pain exercises, please consult a doctor to see what could be the problem.

Lower back pain relief

Wrapping up!

You may be experiencing a flare up of chronic low-back pain, which means you’ll need to take extra care of your back muscles until the symptoms go away by following these exercises as directed and taking breaks from any activities that may have caused the discomfort . Let me know in the comments what other exercises work for you.


How Can I Relieve My Lower Back Pain?

There are a lot of ways to relieve back pain but doing the exercises daily, is a good start. You should also make adjustment to certain exercises that you do that cause pain. Also make sure to get a soft mattress that will not cause back pain. If you are struggling to find the best, buy back pain free mattresses here.
Sometimes the type of shoes you wear can cause back pain. Try adjusting to flat shoes rather than heels.

How much back Pain Is Too Much?

Everyone has their own questionable pain and this is because people have different causes of their pain. If you find that an activity is causing you pain, stop doing it and rest. If your pain persist, then see a doctor for consultation.

When is the best time to do the exercises to relieve back pain?

There is no specific time. If you want to get rid of constant back pain, make stretching a daily routine. Especially before you go to bed at night and when you wake up in the morning.

Can I engage in weight lifting exercises when with back pain?

Yes you can do weight lifting exercises when with back pain, but choose carefully a Weight Lifting Regimen that will not cause damage to your back. You can seek for assistance from a personal trainer or a back pain coach. Aerobic Exercises if properly done, weight lifting will not exacerbate your back pain.

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