Best activities for stress relieving

Best activities for stress relieving

Stress is one of the commonest troubles that face our mental health. It might not be easy to avoid it due to the busy lifestyle we are living in now. A lot of things are just stressing us out, our jobs, families, studies, and just a lot more. One of the best ways to get relieve is through engaging fun activities that reduce stress in your daily routine and we’ll discuss them here.

Am glad you are here because I’ll help you figure out how to relieve stress. There are a lot of effects of stress that could be red flags to your health.

Chronic stress is more likely to result in anxiety or depression. Problem after problem. So thinking about it, it’s more dangerous than the word itself. So what are the best activities that reduce stress?

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1. Give your hobby some more time

Do you have that one thing that that you love to do, do it. It might seem like an extra-curricula activity that doesn’t bring in any money but it is an important aid to your mental health. There should be a time when we don’t think of money. You can go swimming, making handicrafts, fixing things. There’s a lot more to it that gives relief for stress.

If you don’t have a hobby, it’s time to learn something new. It can be from someone or just from online but something you have an interest in.

Drexel University did a research and showed that even at a low skill level doing arts can lower down stress hormones. And hence practicing them are helpful for mental wellbeing.

Another study by Florida State University suggests that chores such as washing dishes can decrease stress once done in a focused state.

Focus on the movement of your hands, the feel of the dishes, the smell of the soap you are using. All these will ease up your mind and take away the stress.

How to relieve stress with these activities
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2. Physical exercise helps to relieve stress

If you are thinking how can workout be a relief from stress, isn’t it supposed to help physically? I hear from you. There is a strong connection between your physical and mental wellness.

If you are not well physically and so will the latter be. With stress, a bit of exercise can help to lower stress hormones and keep you better mentally.

Some of the best exercises are jogging., running, lifting weights (if you like), dancing and a lot more that can make you feel stress-free.

3. Take some time out

Make sure to take some time out a few minutes each day. This will help you clear off your mind and help you think afresh. Nature is very helpful in your mental growth.

Even if you don’t live in an area with a natural landscape, anywhere is fine.

According to the frontiers, a twenty-minute walk among nature could lower stress hormones and help you manage your stress levels.

Go out, watch people in your neighborhood, or travel to an environment you are not so familiar with. This will help you add something to your mind and you will not be stressed.

4. Practice qigong for chronic stress

This technique is very helpful in dealing with emotions. One of the best qigong exercises to relieve stress is waterfall visualization. This is an easy method to try.

Just sit upright with your palms on your thighs facing upward. Imagine yourself sitting under a waterfall. Visualize the water pouring down your upper body and allow it to wash away all the stress with it.

Qigong for stress relieving
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Breathe deeply and slowly as the water in your mind’s imagination flows out of your body.
Do this for a few minutes until all the stress in your head fades away. Repeat this for as long as you want.

There are a lot more qigong exercises that can help you relieve different mental problems. Join this course to take you through more qigong practices.

5. Have enough sleep

Sleep can aid in countless ways and in different situations one of them being stress. How much sleep do you need to stress out? The recommended is seven to eight hours for an adult. You might get stressed out or mentally burn out that you can’t sleep.

That is not because you can’t sleep, it is because you didn’t allow yourself to fall asleep. Make sure you get to bed early and give your mind enough hours to rest. This will help you relax and it will wash away the stress.

6. Read a book each day

Reading helps to relieve stress and other negative emotions. This might be because you get to focus on something else rather than what is troubling you but some books help to give you encouragement over what is stressing you out.

Whenever you realize your brain is undergoing a stressful situation grab a good book and immerse yourself in it. It can be a fiction book or a self-help one. I assure you all will work out well.

7. Engage in relaxation techniques like yoga

Yoga has been known for its many health benefits. This is because it does not work on your physical health only but it does help to ease the mental state too.

Practice yoga every morning when your mind is still fresh, this will help you relax your body and clean up all the stress that you have.

Yoga done in schools was researched by Tulane university among the children and it was found to help them manage their stress and anxiety easily.

It can be difficult to master it but there are a lot of resources out there to help you with your yoga practices to an advanced stage. Always try to align your mind with your body to help you deal better with your stress.

This program will help you practice yoga each day. It is easy to try and it is fully guided by a yoga expert even if you are so new.

8. Practice visualization

Is visualization a fun stress-relieving activity? Why not. And the best part is it is sooo easy. Just assume it is raining then there is that one place that can protect you from soaking wet. The safe place.

Activities to relieve stress
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So when you are suffering under stress imagine yourself in a safe place, a place where all your problems are solved and where there isn’t one single trouble. How would you feel in a stress-free situation?

Concentrate on what you imagined, your feelings, what do you see. Record all these in your mind and push all your stressful thoughts out of your mind.

That will make you feel better. Join this course to help you practice different visualization and meditation techniques.

9. Go out with friends

I don’t know why nights or vacations with friends are the best. Maybe because they are fun and all you have to do is live in the moment. This is one of the best activity that reduces stress.

If you are too busy with work throughout the week, try to set out the weekends and go out with friends. This will help you get cleared of the stress that you have.

10. Play digital games

Games are very helpful in relieving stress. This is because they take your mind off the stress and keeps your focus on them. It is very easy to access different digital games from your electronics. Just have access to the internet and download one of your choices.

Although games are helpful they can also elevate anxiety and bring addiction. Just play them when you need to freshen up from your tense condition, not all the time.

11. Try to laugh and smile more

How many times do you laugh in a day? This study by the University of Basel showed that a person laughs at least 18 times a day and several smiles.

Through the 45 participants, this research was seen to relieve a person from stress and bring happiness. That is only if these actions are genuine.

Try to smile as many times as you can to people around you as these will help establish positive relations and give you stress relief.

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12. Stop excessive thinking

They say the most intelligent people are those that think in a simple way. Overthinking is most likely to bring stress and cause emotional burnout. If you find it difficult try asking someone else for their opinion.

This will help you expand the possibilities to more solutions to your problems rather than continue stressing you out.

13. Keep breaks in between your routine

Everybody needs a break and what can be more fun than taking a bit of rest from a big task. You don’t have to wait for your boss to scream, ‘rest’ to you. Keep your schedule organized and put breaks in between.

These rests will help organize your mind and strengthen your mind to think straight without any stress when you return to work. This will also ensure you sleep free from stress at night.

14. Keep a work-life balance

Don’t take your job at home and don’t carry your home trouble to work. This will help you create a good balance between your work and life balance. You will be surprised how much stress you have saved yourself from.

Wrapping up!

I hope this article will help you relieve stress. I’ve tried to add all activities that reduce stress despite the place that you live. They have helped me in certain situations and they are eligible to anyone struggling with stress. Let me know what works for you right down the comments.

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