9 cucumber benefits for better health

9 cucumber benefits for better health

Why do you have to eat a cucumber? Cucumbers are having very many benefits for health although many people don’t usually consider their nutritional value. If you are the one saying, no! I’m not gonna take them. You are wrong.

But not so wrong because through this article I’ll show you why your body should love cucumbers for your health.

Benefits of eating cucumbers
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Our bodies are great engines and there’s not only one fuel for it. In fact, we need many. Cucumber is a part of the fruit and the vegetable family and if you know better, fruits are the major shareholder of vitamins. And so are cucumbers.

What do cucumbers contain?

According to the Encyclopedia of Nutrition and Good health, a cup of fresh sliced cucumber that is, 104 grams contains 14 calories, 0.56 g of protein, 3.0 g of carbohydrate, 0.62 g of fiber, 46 retinol equivalents of vitamin A, 0.032 mg of thiamin, 0.02 mg of riboflavin, and 0.32 mg of niacin. Well, all these nutrients will help to improve your health.

So let’s take a look at what health importance the cucumbers have.

Health benefits of eating cucumbers

1. For weight loss.

A greater way to fit in your old jeans again is to eat cucumbers. If one thing you should know here is, cucumbers consist of about 96 percent of water. If in any case, you are trying to start your weight loss journey, it is better to give it a go.

To take an advantage of this, you can take it as a whole fruit or you can blend it to acquire the cucumber juice and drink it.

Eating cucumbers help to cut down your normal calorie intake, that is if you want to. And not only will you be eating a low-calorie fruit but also it will make you feel full, that you won’t eat more.

2. Provides antioxidants

Fruits are the sources of antioxidants. This means they are able to counteract free radicals which when they accumulate in the body, may result in some diseases like cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. In the case of cucumbers, some studies have shown it to contain a lower antioxidant level. That means it takes a lot of intakes to obtain this benefit.

One study was conducted on aged rats to see their learning improvement with antioxidant foods. The first group was given spinach, which is having very high antioxidants. The second group was given apples, which has a moderate level of antioxidants and the last group was given a cucumber diet.

After their behaviors were studies, the last group showed small to no improvement. That means although cucumbers could be fruits, they don’t have that many antioxidants compared to others. They are worthy of eating if you are in a place where they are available.

3. Cucumber helps to improve the skin.

Now that you know of the greater content of water that cucumbers hold, how does this benefit your skin?

They say if you want to look younger than you are, drink a lot of water. If you are still taking advantage of the cucumber water, your skin would look more hydrated. And this will help your skin look at its best.

Not only that, but cucumber extracts have been of much good in the cosmetic industry. But why? Simple. It is multi advantageous. An example for dry skin, it helps to moisturize.

Use cucumber in the creams or ointments you apply, and watch the good effects it has on the skin.

4. Cucumber benefits eye health.

Have you seen most women put cucumber slices on top of their eyes? Other than keeping their skin moisturized, what is the point of putting cucumber on the eyes?

It is because cucumbers help to ease the eye’s puffiness and swelling, thus enlightens the face and makes the person beautiful. Cute, eh?

9 cucumber benefits you need to know
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Also the other good, cucumber properties have on the eyes is to remove eye strain. Sometimes these eye strains can be due to tiredness and hence it helps to relieve the eyes from a long tiresome day.

5. Cucumber helps to manage urinary tract infection

Just like the cranberries and pineapples, cucumbers also help to manage urinary infection.

The cucumber contains water which helps to flush away urinary infection together with the urine. So if you have a habit of eating cucumber daily and a lazy drinker of water, cucumbers can provide much aid.

Unlike the cranberries which have chemical properties to fight the infection, the cucumber’s property is water. The water flushes away the bacteria that causes the infection. Although it might be a small quantity, a habitual intake can reduce urinary tract infection.

6. Used for treating wounds and burns.

Cucumber comes from the cucurbit family which is known for its treatment of many diseases. Cucumber tea helps to clot wounds due to its procoagulating and fibrinogenolytic properties. It contains vitamin K which is essential for blood clotting.

Soak the suitable material to be put on the affected area in cucumber tea and use it as a compress. Then you will see good results.

Benefits of eating cucumbers to your health

7. Cucumbers are anti-inflammatory

Cucumbers are well known for their ability to fight inflammatory inflammation and this is also why cucumbers have a lot of skin healing properties.

This is the reason if you put some slices on your eyes, use the water on your skin, or put it in your skin routine, works like magic.

It has the ability to remove different swellings on the skin.

A study done discovered that cucumbers have iminosugar amino acids specifically idoBR1. This amino acid was isolated and studied and found to have these properties.

8. Cucumbers act against bacterial infections

Cucumbers seeds are found to have antibacterial properties that have been used in different traditional medicines.

The seeds contain protein concentrates that have been beneficial in producing antimicrobial properties.

One research was done with the use of cucumber seeds extract. The properties where then obtained and assayed for antibacterial activity against bacterial strains causing foodborne infection.

And the result was that the bacteria were sensitive and that regarded cucumber as an anti-microbial agent.

9. They help to prevent constipation.

Cucumbers contain a lot of fiber (0.62 grams) and water. So that means fibers is very essential in maintaining bowel regularity and also, they help to improve digestion.

If that’s so, if you eat enough cucumbers you will have a little chance to acquire this condition. Great, right?


Cucumbers are very healthy and they are important to your body. Despite being taken fresh, pickled, or cooked, they can be added as vegetables in salads or added in soup for example in the Gazpacho. It does not matter the variety. Just eat them and don’t underestimate their power. Let me know in the comments if there is an importance not listed here that you know of.

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