8 tactics to make you fearless about your dream

8 tactics to make you fearless about your dream

Fearless about your dream

The reason you fail, is you are not fearless about your dream. Everyone of us. There is just something deep down that is holding us back. Fear.

Everyone has fear but where we differ is how much we can overcome it. A very good example is a baby who is trying to walk. Afraid but because it thinks I must walk, then it takes the first step then another and the next. Finally walking.

So why not us? The only step that we make is getting motivated, but the real part now, is trouble.

Achieving something needs you fully and without fear.

Here are tactics I know of and have helped me towards my fear. Promise, you will be speechless how they will help you too become fearless about your dream. But this does not come in a single switch, it needs dedication.

Before that, let’s look on the steps you take down the road towards your dream.

First, what is it you want. Your dream. You can’t hustle for what you don’t know. Be specific. From the example above, a baby wants to walk. Walking is the focus and aim. To you it is a territory you are afraid to conquer.

Then the next step is motivation. This is like fuel to a car. Without fuel, a car will not run. So make yourself motivated. That you can do it, if not you then who will. Has to be you yes!

That’s why the baby’s mother says you can do it dear, come to mama. The baby goes, falls, stands again and tries to walk toward the mother. There, soon the baby masters to stand on its own because of the mother. Motivate yourself.

This is your time now. Your dream. Learn every ways to defeat your challenges. Our challenge is fear. Then we achieve the dream.

Last step is small but yet important. Inspire and challenge. It might be easy to tell people you did it, but every success story has had its difficult time.

A look at Mark Zuckerberg who first started his website from a dorm room but now to the great Facebook. Who would have known at that time that it will be the greatest social platform.

Challenge those who said you cannot do it. They will be in awe.

But this is unachievable since we are afraid. Fear! Fear to lose, fail, being challenged and worse to even start.

Don’t worry! We are just trying to share ways to be fearless about our dreams. Friends helping each other out although we both have it in our systems. Let us beat fear.

What are the ways to beat fear?

We’ll just go slow to be beneficial. We all want to be somewhere, right? So starting out;

1.Be yourself.

I think it is everywhere in books, on TV funnily even on our own t-shirts. But we are not ourselves. Our lives are not our own.

We are trying to act like our favorite superstars, friends or even parents. At the end of the day, tying to achieve dreams that are not ours.
That’s where we are afraid.

You can’t be afraid of what is yours. Is there someone who has a cat and afraid of it? Hell no! What is yours, you will try to know it better and move in the same pace.

This way you can be fearless because it is what you choose to work for deep down in you. If you love working out, dancing, reading, living healthy. Do it.

2. Trust and believe your instincts.

There are people who like something but they cannot do it because they think they can’t. Why would a little girl like me start my own business, how will I face my clients? Ow! It is difficult.

When you think about something to do, your mind becomes 100% that you will do it. The success, damn you can’t even make your mind imagine it. Great. But there is a next thought, you can’t. Only this type of people do this and that excludes you. Do it.

Don’t get angry when you fail, as long as you persist to fight for your dream fearlessly.

But everyone started like that.

Big companies like Walmart started like a store but now employed a lot of people. If you don’t believe in yourself, no one is going to believe in you not even the products you produce and your service.

So that is the key to your success. Just trust yourself and the whole process. You are not going to be afraid yourself.

3. Plan and decide well.

When you are done with yourself and ready. Plan everything, be it on paper, on your phone. Wherever. Make sure you see it and it reminds you what needs to be done.

Fear comes when you have nothing on mind. Should I start left or up? I have no clue. Maybe I should just stop, its clear that it is impossible.

That’s fear. Put you decisions in the right way and follow your plans. Sometimes you can punish yourself if you don’t do it (only a little softer, so that you can be serious about your dream).

Put your plans according to focus. If you focus on something you won’t fail especially if being stopped by fear. A post by Hannahholyfied explains how to put resolutions that will last a year and forever. She explains how she achieve her resolutions and what she focuses on first. You can should always put first things first.

4. Cooperate with other people with the same dream.

I go to a medical school, but sometimes studies are very hard that leaves me wonder what am I doing, I could stay at home and rest without having to study every day. In exams, I’m so afraid that I regret I shouldn’t have taken the hard way in the first place.

What do I do? I have been in forums, groups of students. Looking at how they discuss topics deeply shows how hard they study. That gives me no reason to regret my decision. If they can I can. But that’s me.

Do you know where to find people who or have same dreams as you? If not, find them. You don’t have to talk to them sometimes. Just watch their struggle, it is enough reason to make you let fear go.

Everyone is just struggling in there own way. Don’t be afraid.

5.Share your plans with people.

Once I heard a reporter on radio say, it is a shame when you tell people what you wanted to do and never fulfill it. I compromise that.

If it is that way, you would not be reading this blog this time. I tell people what I do, and naturally the fear is off. Why? Because people believe in me without seeing what I am capable of. They also expect a lot from me.

So the people around you should be a greater pressure than fear. This will push you further. Tell them what you want to do. Hear their expectations (what do they expect from you). Fulfill their expectations. You have done them a favor and so to yourself.

6. Take your dream positive.

Everything is hard to do. It can be easy to someone else but for you..nah!.

Positivism is way to take your plan in a good way. Think that this is superb, easy, wonderful whatever great word you name it. It will be a fine start.

There are people who work in heavy jobs. But they say I love this job. Make yourself happy and enjoy what you do. No one will be happy for you if you aren’t yourself.

If you are negative, you will never let go of your fear. Say to yourself everyday. I can do it and I am the best of all. When I fail, it is only the start of my success.
Be positive.

A post from Mike explains how you can change negative thoughts to a positive way. How you can change your thinking over things and build yourself. You should always be motivated.

7. Learn from other people.

Have you ever been afraid and never knew what to do? I have ever. What I did was read motivational books every week. It was not a punishment, it was learning.

Never stop learning how to deal with your fear. This will make you fearless on your dream. There are million of ways to deal with yourself. Just have your own way that helps.

But you might never know unless you learn.

8. Inspire other people.

Getting inspired might be difficult yet easy. Listening to other peoples stories are a great way to fight your fear especially if the story is someone close to you.

I am inspired by a lot my friends, bloggers and mostly by my mother. I guess she is afraid but never tired to try. This is a great way actually.

Think about it. A friend tried something and succeeded. Why not you (you live in the same environment).

Wrapping up!

It has never been easy to be fearless. But it is worth trying. Just apply the tactics, you will see a new you who is eager to achieve your dreams fearlessly. Good luck in making yourself fearless about your dream. Let me know what ways make you fearless.

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Hi, I am a radiation therapist who loves writing about health, beauty and fitness. I also like book reviewing and socializing with people. Hope to share ideas and experiences with you.

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  1. I am a big Tony Robbins fan and others like David Goggins who are constantly inspiring others. I took a Tony Robbins class years ago that changed my outlook. He says that FEAR stands for False Expectations Appearing Real. It is so true. You are scared to move forward because of what you think might happen instead of just moving forward. I find it best to surround myself with other people looking to achieve similar goals to mine. Positive people. And how great is it when you prove your haters wrong! Great post!

    1. Thank you a lot. I’ll try listening to Tony Robbins to learn more.

  2. I love this – and needed to hear it. I find sometimes I’m very fearless for a short period and then the doubt kicks in. Great ideas to make the fearless periods longer.

  3. I could use a bit of this myself, I am working towards a dream goal but I am a bit scared of what may happen so a boost like this is very helpful. Thanks for writing this up!

  4. Yes to all these! I find I struggle with motivation when fear/anxiety gets in the way. What I’ve found is that it is not bravery that is the opposite of fear (since you can be brave despite your fear). It’s actually LOVE that is the opposite of fear. Love what you are doing. Love the process. Love yourself enough to want the positive results your effort will give you. Love others and be motivated by how what you’re establishing is going to help them too.

  5. These tactics are so great! Sometimes following your dream can be really scary!! But we just need to remember that it’s possible!

    cute & little

  6. I’d love to be more fearless, especially when pursuing my dreams. There are some great tips here that I’ll definitely put into practice.

    1. Thanks Kelly. You have a million ways to cope with your fear.

  7. Your post is just what I needed today! thank you so much! Being true to yourself and dream big is a key to me

  8. My mother said to me every day to do your best. Even tho she has passed I still try every day. Trusting and believing in yourself instincts will get you very far.

  9. Yes, you can’t go wrong with being yourself and staying positive! I also like to idea of reading motivational books and learning from others, that always helps.

  10. Everyone can achieve their dreams! Overcoming fear is difficult for most of us. I appreciate your suggestion to find out what your motivation is and use that to help you accomplish your dreams. Also, asking for and receiving guidance from others that have forged their own path will help you on your own.

  11. I do believe that fearless is the only way to live but it takes people awhile to get there. Depending on the type of person you are is how hard you have to work to get there. Your tips are amazing

  12. You are so right – fear holds us back from so many things. These are a great way to start overcoming fear so we can have a good shot at achieving our dreams! I’ve definitely used some of these to get out of my comfort zone and do things that were otherwise scary to me! I’ve used the idea of inspiring others as a way to give me that extra boost of confidence…positive energy feeds positive energy! Thanks for an uplifting post!

  13. Great thoughts. Dreams need to be thought out well, written down and passionately planned. And trusting our instincts is so very important.

  14. This is fab. there is some great advice and yips here. Planning ahead and well is always key, I agree xx

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