8 most common cancer types and where they affect

8 most common cancer types and where they affect

Most common cancer types and where they are likely to affect

Sometimes you can be badly worried over a swelling or lump somewhere on your body. Maybe because of an article you read or someone told you that it might be a cancer. It is not bad to think that way as there are most common cancer types and where they affect, be it a common position or some other point. However, you can be depressed and that is not good for your mental health.

Now what should you do

The first step that you should do, is to go for screening. Nowadays, we can discover some cancers by touch. If you feel a hard lump, then you should see a doctor to prove what you think it is. A very good example is breast cancer. So if really it is a cancer, then the doctor will prescribe treatment. The early, the better.

That’s where the worry started. So I would say screening should be the last step if you have never gone for a check up. So how can you know by self examination? Here is a list of cancers that commonly occur and where they are likely to affect. That’s why I wrote this. Don’t be in a dilemma that is it a cancer and which one is it?

The list of the most common cancer types

Just starting out. We will start right from the head going down all the body. Remember you are a mini doctor to yourself, so you have to know what you are dealing with.

1. Head and neck cancers

This is a set that goes in combination and they are grouped together even in treatment. As they are so close, the cancer from the head part is easy to extend down to the features on the neck. According to statistics, the affected group is the women and of the African American ethnicity. That with an exception of salivary and nasal pharyngeal that occurs in young people.

Not being much for a start, what are the causes? this is also important for you to know if that truly is what you expect.

Most alcoholics and smokers are victims here and are at a higher risk to get affected. The presence of a virus called Human pappilloma [type-16]- now that is your doctor’s part to reveal that.

So the most cancers that composes the head and neck are;

  • The lips
  • The oral cavity [ particularly the mouth, hard and soft palates and the tonsils]
  • Larynx cancer [ this is the voice box]
  • Pharynx cancer, the throat to precise [ these can go along the nasal route; particularly nasal pharynx cancer]
  • Salivary gland or adenoid cystic carcinoma [ it is where the the saliva comes from]
  • The facial skin
  • The lymph nodes. [which can be affected and can further spread to the ears or eyes]
  • Not forgetting the brain and the skull bones too.

We are closing this part, so then depending on the signs on a specific position, those are related for that cancer specifically. So let’s take it to another level.

2. The chest

Here the most widely known is lung cancer. It can have developed from here or spread from somewhere else. So moving from the air track at the neck, we move down to lungs.

It is common in men just to start, although the rate in women is also still rising. About 85% of smokers are likely to be affected with this cancer. However some research show that non smokers can be very much affected as a smoker [when living near a smoker]. So a relative way to reduce the risk is to stop smoking.

Most common cancer types and where they are likely to affect

Some jobs also can be a factor too. Don’t be afraid but you need to protect yourself and your lungs. People working in mines and places where there is a lot of dust.

There isn’t much to say here. The next group is very large, you are not tired to know, right? so we can get moving.

3. The gastrointestinal tract.

From the word, gastro is the stomach and then there is the intestine. However, this covers the whole way where food passes. So from the neck again, we head to the esophagus down to the anus. The biggest contributor cause is alcohol drinking especially the esophagus cancer, then there is obesity, infection of stomach by bacteria and others.

Taking a lot of fruits and veggies could lower the risks and avoid hazardous industrial materials like metal dust, asbestos and other viral exposures.

So the examples that you should know here
[just mentioning a few, that are very common as I said it is a very large group]

  • Esophagus
  • Stomach cancer
  • Pancreatic cancer
  • Liver cancer
  • Gallbladder cancer
  • Small bowel
  • Colo rectal [which involves the colon and the rectum]
  • Lastly, anal cancer

Mind you, this organs all help in the digestion of food. So you may experience pain in that position or other symptoms. So it is very important to see a doctor if you have digestive system problems, not only for cancer but also for any other diseases.

4. Genitourinary cancers

Now this is another way round. Another common group of cancer. However , nothing new. There is a combination of genitals and urinary systems of the body. In men, this system use the same routes. So it possible for both systems to get affected. Even the women can acquire it especially in the urethra.

Let us see the causes now. Smoking is the leading factor. You may be asking yourself why is smoking everywhere. That is just one excuse for you to quit it. Don’t hesitate. Then some can be inherited, or from a toxic environment that is in some jobs and other diseases which can increase the risk to obtain the cancer.

So what do we have here.

  • Renal cell cancer or particularly the kidney.
  • Bladder and ureter cancer
  • Prostate cancer
  • Urethra and penile cancer

Looks like we are done here. Most people here at risk are the men. We can head forward to the next group, we are just midway to end.

5.Women cancers

So just a little while we discussed on the men, this is a different case now. The ladies .This are mostly called gynecological meaning the women. There are some of which are common such as cancer of cervix and the rare ones as vulva.

So what are the common causes? to start with a cause such as early sex. Sex is actually a way keep you fit, but the cold truth is that it is not for the young ladies. Another reason is having many sexual partners. Not healthy. Obesity, Presence of human papilloma virus[ your doctor can determine that] increases a risk to acquire such cancers mostly cervical cancer. Lastly and once again, smoking.

The list included here is

  • Vaginal cancer
  • Cervical cancer
  • Vulva cancer
  • Cancer in the uterus
  • Ovarian cancer
  • Breast cancer

Some causes can be prevented by lifestyle changes, to help you stay safe. Otherwise ready to move on? lets go!

6. Children cancers

Speaking of ladies and gentlemen, where we go next is children of course. This is a very delicate group especially from birth to about five years. There is rarely malignancies.

So what are the examples?

  • Retinoblastoma [affects the eyes]
  • Ewing carcinoma [found near the bones]
  • Neuroblastoma[ very common in adrenal glands of the kidney]
  • Wilm’s tumour [ occurs in the kidney]
  • Leukemia [blood cancer]
  • Lymphomas [involves the system of fluids in the body; the lymphatic system]

The causes? most of the cancers here have no causal factors but children could have genes susceptible to that specific cancer.

7.Cancers of the skin.

This is common, right? mostly you get this if you are exposed to the strong ultraviolet rays from the sun and for longer period of time such as years. So then who are mostly affected here? The non dark skins especially the white skinned races and the albinos.

Melanin found in dark skinned people helps to reduce the effect of the rays to the skin. This involves the skin cells that provide different skin cancer types.

It is likely to affect people who can easily skin burn. Try to put on sunscreen when exposed to the sun rays to reduce sun burns.

8. Soft tissue and bone cancers.

This is actually my last group. This are cancers that affect different tissues in the body. Which should we start with?

There are smooth muscles like the heart, skeletal muscles ,the blood vessels, adipocytic tissues[ these are associated with where fats are] and neural tumors, the cartilages and the bones.

The factors that cause this, that you need to know. First, most are genetic factors, exposure to radiation and chemicals that can cause cancer[carcinogens] . well for the few, I’m done for now.

Wrapping up!

Huff! So long and complicated right? just from learning a lot, the only way to solve the problem a little bit but more is to change your lifestyle. Eat healthy; fruits are known to lower risk of cancer according to research. Eat them they are important. Also make sure to live in a clean environment, away from toxic chemicals in work places as industries, be protected well. Lastly, quit bad habit like smoking [I mentioned it a lot on risks] and alcohol. Other wise we done. Share your idea with me in the comment what you think on common types of cancers.


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Hi, I am a radiation therapist who loves writing about health, beauty and fitness. I also like book reviewing and socializing with people. Hope to share ideas and experiences with you.

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  1. Thanks for helping bring awareness to cancer, and it’s many forms and areas it can spring up in. Knowledge and preventative measures are SO important with disease! I lost my mother to cancer as well as both my grandfathers. Sadly in my mothers case at least it was linked/caused from a accidentally medically indused birth defect from a hormonal drug given to my grandmother in pregnancy. Thankfully the FDA has since banned the drug due to a large amount of issues linked to it.

    1. Thank you Sarah for finding it helpful.

  2. Wow that is a very detailed list I was interested to read since both my parents passed from colon cancer which they believed to be dietary or environmental since it appeared in the same area. Scary I know.

    1. I’m so sorry Jen for your parents. Well, Most of cancers happen and maybe it was really environmental for it to occur to both. What we can really do is do early screening for early detection.

  3. Thanks for awareness… the society needs to be aware abt cancers and how to reduce the risk of gettng… keep it up

    1. Absolutely Mgema. All we can do is make people aware of cancer, that way we can reduce the risk to acquiring it. Thanks noting that.

  4. Thank you for bringing awareness to this topic. It is not a fun thing to talk about, but it is so important to be aware of your health.

    1. True! Awareness is very important in cancer.

  5. As someone who lost his father to cancer, I am very in tune with this disease. We have also had several friends of our beat breast cancer. Regular screenings are vital and going to the doctor if you suspect or find something that doesn’t look or feel right. It is crazy that in this day and age insurance won’t just cover full body PET scans or something similar as a preventative measure.

    1. Its true. The only way is early prevention since most treatment and diagnosis methods are not so effective.

  6. It’s definitely important to get checked regardless if you think it’s something serious or not. We are responsible for our bodies and we need to be super diligent and do our daily checkups and talk to our doctors about anything! My father had esophageal cancer and he just thought he had acid indigestion. Unfortunately, it was detected too late and we lost him to cancer a year after his diagnosis.

    1. I’m so sorry for your dad. Most of us don’t even know the signs to cancer. True, its worth knowing to get early screening.

  7. I don’t think there is anyone who hasn’t been touched in one way or another by cancer. Whether it be by battling it yourself, or hearing of a close family member or friend, cancer is one of the leading causes of mortality in our age. Right behind heart disease. This is a great article.

    1. Thanks for passing by.

  8. Cancer is so scary and all too prevalent these days. It’s really important to be up to date with check ups. Thanks for this article.

    1. You are welcomed more.

  9. Very informative and engaging article on the various types of cancer. Screening is such an important aspect of early prevention to this horrible disease. Article like this are great in order to bring awareness and help give reminders of how to stay healthy!

    1. Thank you

  10. It’s definitely important to stay on top of your screening. I know, for example, that many women believe that the pap smear will screen not only for cervical cancer but also for ovarian cancer, but that’s not true. A clean pap doesn’t mean that you are clear for ovarian cancer. That’s why it sneaks up so often, people simply don’t realize it’s happening.

    1. Thanks for the insight. I too Didn’t know that.

  11. A very sad post, as I wish Cancer did not exist. However, very informative and with lots of info x

    1. Thank you Melanie.

  12. These are all great to be aware of and to look out for, thanks for putting this together and spreading info on the topic.

    1. Thank you Luna for passing by.

  13. This blows my mind. It just shows you, no matter how healthy you are, Cancer could be anywhere in your body. Thank you for sharing

  14. I feel that is among the most important information for me. And i am glad studying your article. However want to statement on few normal issues, The site style is wonderful, the articles is in reality excellent : D. Good activity, cheers|

    1. Thanks for reading. Hope you visit more.

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