7 smart ways on how to fix low self esteem all by yourself

About half of the people living in the world today are struggling with being low on self esteem. Also self esteem changes in different stages of life. But did you know that you can fix low self esteem if you know how?

You know you can. But to say the truth only a small percentage of these people make an effort. Why? Because they are attached to it. And they think It is a part of their life they can’t erase.

That’s not true and I tell you at the end of this post if you are one of those people, be ready for the detachment from your low self-esteem. Stay put until the end and I’ll show you how.

Fixing your self esteem by these steps
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What does low self-esteem mean?

Have you ever bought products and the seller or the one who produced it say, can you provide feedback about how you feel about my product. This is done so that someone else decides whether to buy it or not, just because of your testimony. That’s exactly what self esteem is. But self esteem is not on the product but on yourself.

Simply how you rate yourself is self esteem. It can be low, medium, or high. If you view yourself and rate a lesser number out of ten, that’s low self esteem. And seriously, you need to do something about it.

So generally if you feel negative about yourself or a lack of confidence to wear your real self that means your self esteem is poor and you need to correct that.

Like I explained above, you can handle it yourself because you are the one who chooses the value. But this shouldn’t be a problem, right? I’ll guide you through, so don’t give it many thoughts.

What causes low self-esteem and how to fix it.

Before we go anywhere. You should first know what is the cause of you being low on self esteem. Whatever it is, this is what you have to work on or at least avoid. So that you can rebuild your honor. Here are a few causes;

  • Friends who are close to us.
  • Our parents and relatives
  • Different disorders like anxiety.
  • Our bosses at workplaces
  • Teachers at schools
  • Social media
  • Abuse during different life stages.
  • Our financial status
  • Our appearances
  • Being too kind

Well, I could fill a whole page because there are many causes of low self esteem. If you have been there I know you understand. You have to identify your cause to find your solution.

How can I fix my low self-esteem?

But as there are many causes, there are also many ways on how to fix your low self esteem.

1. Accept yourself and your weaknesses.

Everyone who is looking for a soulmate says I want someone who accepts my weaknesses. But no one is going to accept your weakness if you don’t do that for yourself.

That is the basis of self esteem. It must start from deep within you. Love yourself before you regard someone else highly. Also always appreciate your work and never throw insults at yourself.

Ways on how to fix your self esteem
Credit: Vinicious Wiesehofer

2. Avoid people who don’t support you.

Why are you so useless? I feel that. And it’s maybe from family or a friend. We are surrounded by a lot of negativity, that’s why our minds fail us and run to think in the same direction. In the end, we are low on self esteem.

Don’t listen to these people and just tell them that you don’t like how they treat you. Your self worth should be spoken. Words Like these should do.

I know my worth
You don’t deserve me
I’m way better than you
I love the way I am.

Don’t keep this to yourself. You can self talk but if you don’t tell the one who pushes you to be low on self esteem, you’ll get tired and build more hatred on yourself.

This can be a lot of work to do because people never change and you might be lonely without them. But fight for your respect. You have to make them change for you.

3. Get motivated from other people.

Some people have toxic partners who say in their faces I’d like you better if you had this type of body or you are not exactly my type. So they become in despair because they start to realize their differences with other people.

Go out there and look for some motivation. You can be so uncomfortable because maybe what they say is true, it hurts. So you start to despise what you have.

Go out there and see how many people are like you. Some are famous and rich and have nothing to lose. Why should you worry?

Read motivational books, listen to songs, go to YouTube, and gather all the mentality to get you out of that low self esteem.

Once you realize that and gain the strength you are never going to mock yourself.

Some people inspire us although they don’t know they gave us the strength to our self worth.

Learn from other people’s stories then create and embrace your own chapters. Motivation is so important in helping you build self esteem.

4. Set limits to using social media

Everyone is all over the Instagram queens and the rich guys who say they make thousands in an hour. It might be true but not everyone who says that they mean it.

You are a better version of yourself and we should learn that everyone has there own road to success. You should know your self value.

If these people on social media make you low on self esteem, limit the use of social media or stop using it. You will have a lot to gain than lose.

This is a very helpful tip because social media is the biggest reason most people have inadequate self esteem.

5. Allow yourself to embrace your feelings and past traumas.

Traumas can be solved by drugs to avoid. But whatever past experience or event you have been through, don’t run away from it. Pass through it, and feel it. That’s the easy way out to adjust in the situation and deal with it without drug use too.

You don’t have to feel different from other people because you have gone through a trauma or you have a disorder. Nope!

This should be something that should make you feel so important because you are strong and can withstand the difficult times that others can’t.

Think highly and improve your self esteem. Don’t judge yourself because of the life experiences you have been through.

How to fix your self esteem by yourself

6. Limit your kindness and believe in your ideas

People always take advantage of our excess kindness to make us inferior. Too much “yes” is harmful. It is good to be kind but there should be a limit.

If you like considering some other people’s ideas and fulfill their wishes, there should be time to put your own ahead.

Be kind to yourself the same way you are with other people. This way you are improving your self esteem and this will make you increase your self confidence.

7. Reward yourself

If you do something great. How many times do you reward yourself? This is among the biggest weapon to build your self esteem.

If you are low on self esteem, remember you should appreciate the good things you do even if others don’t see.

Treat yourself out, buy yourself something nice if you get a win. That way you can fully understand how important you are in your job, school, or anywhere.

Wrapping up!

I tried to create this list and I hope they help at most. These are solid but only if they are implemented. Its time to make a change for yourself. Stop thinking I’m low on self esteem and its part of me. Because it isn’t. You just have to make a decision on how you rate yourself. If you have an idea on how to fix low self esteem, be free to share them on the comments section so that all readers here gain from you.

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