7 body workouts for office workers and students

7 body workouts for office workers and students

7 body workouts for office workers and students

Working all day has never been easy. Sometimes you find yourself sitting in the same chair whole day, neck to back pain, taut muscles and numb legs.
We all have been there at some point. Being a student, sometimes I just find myself getting tired at the end of the day, sleepless nights and can’t wake up early the next morning. Then I am like heck, I feel so sick to go today or school is so boring. Here is why I shared the workouts for office workers and students.

There is no need for you to continue being like that actually. You need change. A lot in fact. And there is no secret here. It’s everywhere. Work out.

The body needs movement and when you don’t, then there is the effects( pain, numbness or muscle tautness).

Now here is a little secret for the Lazies like me. Don’t go outdoors or the gym( because it is an excuse for most of us to stop exercising) . Just exercise in your room maybe where you can see your bed so you don’t find working out as another job from work.

I’ll share with you my seven workouts before bed. This will help you train your full body, the neck, arm and leg muscles. You will realize a fresh you after a cool bath and strong mornings after a good night sleep.

Which one should you start with?

Working out has been difficult for most people since they don’t know where to start. There is no formula to when to start or how. It is your determination that drives you (just like dancing rock and roll).

However, like I classified at first. It is very important to engage only one type of muscle per day to make that muscle stronger than doing many per once which will not be effective.
Okay, to start with:

full body workout.

The body can be exercised in a way that almost all the muscles of the body are involved. And that is very good since all you do is killing two birds with one stone. Meaning one exercise for many muscles.

Here are two examples.

  1. Planks.

This is the first of the seven workouts for office workers and students. To do this, lie facing the ground and lift your body with your hands as support. Make sure your hands are parallel with your shoulders. Your legs, back and head should be in a straight line to prevent damage to the spine. You can pull your stomach in, helps to strengthen the core.

Try doing this for about a minute. You may add the minutes as you rest for about 30 seconds in between. So for a day, you can do about 3 sets ( or more if you can). This helps to strengthen all the muscles that lie in line below; shoulders, arms, back, the core and the legs.

Body workouts for office workers and students

The varieties of planks.

There is a lot of them. I’ll tell you three. The first is elbow plank. You just use you elbow to support your body.

The hand plank which the hands support you. But remember the body is still straight although the trunk is higher than the legs.

Lastly, the side plack which you face one side and support your body with one elbow. This helps to make oblique muscles strong.

2. Push ups

Here you are in a position like that of the plank but the difference is you push yourself up and down. You can do about 5 sets and rest for 30 seconds in between depending on how much you can hold your muscles.

Makes sure to breath in when going down and exhale when coming up. This also helps to regulate your breathing.

Workouts for office workers and students

The varieties

The classic plank which your two arms support your body. You can start from the floor, or your arms can be to a higher surface like a wall and this becomes more easier.

The other is,one arm push up. Where one arm is supporting the body while the other is folded on the back. This is absolutely difficult if your arm is not strong and be careful when trying it. So you won’t sprain.

For the neck muscles.

The neck is mostly affected when you do office work and students who write for many hours without moving. It is very important to train you neck to prevent it from being taut.

3. Neck turns.

Now this is easy. We are trying release tension from the neck not adding pressure to crack it. Turn the neck right and left sides about same level as the shoulders(you can use your hands to hold the chin to the limits), also up and down (nodding), to an extent which your neck can go. Lastly, rotate your head around slowly.

Remember this is for aiding your neck. Do it right and slowly or else you will break it and that’s not good.

The arms and shoulders.

Now this muscles correspond. So these exercises help to support both. I’ll tell you two of the workouts since they are very many.

4. Pull ups

Surprise! you thought of push up. Yes! It is the opposite of push ups but this is when you lift yourself off the floor with your hands hence the ‘pull’ word.

Find a horizontal surface like the door or bar where your hands could hold. The distance between your hands should be a bit wider than your shoulders. Bend your legs behind and pull yourself up.

Try at least 3 reps and remember to rest always in between. This exercise also help to strengthen the back and the abs.

5. Arm raises and rotation.

All rotations are super easy. Just lift your arm to 90 degrees from your body and rotate them 360 degrees(front, back,up and down all round).
You can increase the strength of the exercise by holding something on your hands like a heavy book or a bottle of water.

For the back

Most of the exercises of the arm and full body help to strengthen the back too. So it is helpful to you since one exercise helps many muscles meaning early to bed.

6. Supermans

Lie on your stomach and lift your arms and legs off the floor. So one rep is completed when you lift your legs and arms as high as possible for seconds and return them to the floor. So this can be done for as many sets as you like.

The legs

Lastly, this muscles mostly undergo numbness and tiredness. So it is important you know the exercises that remove the effects.

7. Flutter kicks

Lie on your back and lift your legs about 45 degrees off the ground and your head up. Then lift one leg inches above the other. Do this for turns. You can fold you legs to your chest for 30 seconds as rest and proceed to more sets(at least 5sets).

That is all although there are very many exercises and workouts. You can also go riding a bicycle for increasing body flexibility.

The other essential to combine with these workouts is nutrition. Eat a diet with all nutrients not forgetting fruits are also important. Eat well so that your body gets energy to work at your job and workout when you come home.

Wrapping up

Be consist. Do the workouts for office workers and students. That’s how you can keep yourself strong for the next day work and you will not be tired of school for students. Huff! It has been a long way that , there is no more to say. Just stop making excuses and workout.

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Hi, I am a radiation therapist who loves writing about health, beauty and fitness. I also like book reviewing and socializing with people. Hope to share ideas and experiences with you.

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  1. Great post! I love working out but sometimes I have to skip and then I understand how exercise is a much needed habit to include in our daily routine! Love these exercises you shared. Thank you.

    1. Thank you Niklashi for reading. I suggest that you try not to skip. That way,you will be consistent.

  2. I work in an office as a receptionist. I will take on these exercises because I feel it’s a great way to keep fit.

    1. That’s a good idea Sonia. You can blend in a little bit of cardio too. Maybe running. That will help.

  3. These are so helpful for office jobs- I can do them when I’m on break! Cuz we all need breaks from the computer!

    1. Okay, if it is the time you have. But exercising should be done daily with rest for a day. Just being consistent

  4. Great tips and I have a big goal for the next year to start work on … Let’s see, I have to do my best and will keep this post for examples! Thanks!

    1. Oh that’s good if you have already made a goal to work out…hope you will work on your resolution and be fit.

  5. Nice tips… for students like i who do not have enough time for attending gym or hav no need for massive hypertrophication of muscles… vry helpful

    1. Yes, working out is not only in the gym and there are a lot of exercises that can help full time students. Stay tuned for more tips.

  6. These are good tips to beat Laziness

    1. Thank you Ira for passing by.

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