6 healthy foods at restaurants that require zero budget.

6 healthy foods at restaurants that require zero budget.

Healthy foods at restaurants that require zero budget.

Have you ever seen healthy foods at restaurants?most people will say nope! And that is not absolutely true. There are healthy foods at restaurants too. Healthy food is everywhere, it just depends on your choices.

Most of the time the food in restaurants are costly. But not all of them. Food that need much preparation is likely to be costly. But Food does not need a lot to prepare or it loses its nature and importance. So a little preparation is not costly especially for fresh and natural foods. Here I will show you the healthy foods at restaurants that won’t cost you much or go out of your budget.

Maybe we don’t always know what is healthy food. First, food is anything that is edible. But healthy food is the food that serves your body right.

It is what you gain internally(the nutrients that provide your body with energy, protect you from diseases and helps you grow) or externally (does it give you a belly or obesity at worse). That’s why I said it all depends on your choices.

No one want something that is not beneficial. It might be tasty but not healthy. Just know your extents. Then eat like there’s no tomorrow. So where exactly should you start. It is simple, the first step is look at your ingredients.

But before that, most of people will ask why should I eat healthy especially when I don’t eat at home, on a treat, date or something.

The reason is you love your body, you don’t want to have diseases (that will cost you high hospital bills that you need to reduce) and you don’t want a body that you won’t love. Overweight? ow! Then eat healthy.

Healthy food ingredients

Now this is the most important part of your choice. What does that food consist of. Like what does it contain, how exactly is it prepared and also toppings added. You need to know all that. All you have to do is read the menu or ask your waiter over it’s preparation. Then you are ready to eat. An assurance.

A healthy food should consist of:

  • First, should consist of fresh foods
  • Must be less refined and not processed
  • Less salt and sugar
  • More fiber

Now, that was so general. I know your are still wondering so what should I eat that are healthy foods at restaurants? I will put it in a better way. Keep following there is more on my sleeve.

What healthy foods to eat.

Okay, let’s assume you take your breakfast at a restaurant. So the morning is when you have to give your body a bit bigger size of energy. But that does not mean you should eat refined products, so what can you have?

The healthy foods at restaurants you love to go to.

Now the list begins here, you can decide what to take in the morning, afternoons and evening just based on your diet plan. There are just a few suggestions I made to top it, in case you still don’t know when to eat that food.

1.Whole grain carbohydrates

I started with carbohydrates since it the largest food group. The main function is to provide energy to the body. The food is taken in, chewed, swallowed and broken down by the body’s mechanism to produce energy that helps you perform your activities.

But what does whole grain mean actually?

This is the food that contains endosperm( the part with carbohydrates), germ(have vitamin B, minerals and some proteins, and bran( with vitamins and fibers ). So where does all this matter?

The processed one now, only have endosperm without the others. So you can see what you are missing. This means if you eat the refined grain you lack the fiber and vitamins.

This contains white bread, white rice, white buns, refined wheat flour, pasta, cookies , biscuits and more stuffs that are baked with that kind of flour. They normally appear white.

So the substitute is;

  • Brown toast
  • Brown rice
  • Baked products of unrefined wheat flour.
  • Avoid cookies, most biscuits and pasta.

2. Fruits and vegetables

Ever heard of an old saying an apple a day keeps the doctor away?. That is true, and that makes fruits among the healthy foods at a restaurant that you can eat and at a little cost.

It is another large group. And this group provides vitamins. What is the main importance here? defense. Protection against diseases.

They can be taken as a meal often but you can add up to your meal as toppings. They aid in a lot of properties. When you take fruits every day, you are really saving yourself a lot especially protecting your body from diseases.

There are a few importance as Antioxidant properties, Help to aid in digestion , Regulate your hormones and helps in weight loss since they have low glycemic index.

So how do you eat them;

You can take a plate of fruits, cut in pieces and mixed together. That can stand alone as a meal, maybe you can add a little salad to go with. Then you are ready to go.

You can also take one fruit at a time anytime. Helps for people who like snacking a lot. Fruits are fresh and natural. So reduce intake of industrial products like biscuits, crisps and other snacks.

There are lot of fruits here are a few.

  • The berry family ( consist of berries like black berries, red berries, rasp berries and cranberries)
  • The citric family ( oranges and lemons)
  • Others that are very common are mangoes, apples, pineapples, figs and many lots and lots.

On the other side, vegetables have almost the same importance as fruits. Their main content, the fiber, provide a lot of health benefits. And to obtain the benefits, don’t eat them overcooked or poor prepared or else they will lose the importance.

Examples of vegetables are cabbages, broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce and kale.

3. Less red meat and more plant based

You don’t have to go vegan, try to take poultry and plant based products instead of red meat. Maybe you are thinking why should I do that, don’t it provide nutrients too?

Those nutrients are shown in research to promote the development of cancer. Mostly the colon cancer. These meat include meat from cows and goats( this causes gout). The effects can increase if the meat is prepared poorly.

That is not what a healthy food should do.

So here is a list of white meat,

4. Drinks

Now this is one of the reasons we go out. To drink. Seriously, taking alcohol is not healthy for your body. It has been linked to a lot of diseases that are very fatal.

Take an example kidney failure. You take a lot of alcohol, the kidney filters out all the harmful substance and take the water back to the body so you can’t be dehydrated. When you have this, it means your kidney can’t do this anymore. So it fails to work and more. That’s not healthy.

Another is coffee. This is for morning people at restaurants and coffee shops. Coffee contains caffeine. Taking it more causes an addiction. That means you wont take it in the mornings only, but anytime you want to work, even at night. The effect is increase in high blood pressure and failure to regulate sleep.

So what will we be replacing that with?

  • Green tea. This is for breakfast mainly. But you can take it anytime. This tea contains antioxidant properties that lower risk to acquire cancer.
  • Another is water. Ever gone to a restaurant to drink water? amazing right? hell yes! Water. Almost 80% of our bodies contain water. The chemical activities that go on in our bodies require water to perform well. Most especially the cells that make up our bodies survive by water simply the blood.

So take as much water as possible to keep your body running. You can even add lemon, ginger or any other spices. This helps to refresh the body, and add health benefits.

  • Fruit products as fruit juice and smoothies. The children’s favorite, huh? that can also be a favorite to you too.
  • Red wine . Wow! wine is still in the list with a little of health benefit which is, it has antioxidant property but provided you take it in a very minimum quantity.
Healthy foods at restaurants that require zero budget.

5. Less sugar and less salt

This is common and known that too much salt causes high blood pressure and more sugar helps cancer cells to thrive best and grow very fast. So the foods that are high in these, are not healthy.

So most of these foods can be industrial. For example sweets, ice creams and cookies. Some foods can be seasoned with a lot of spices especially the Asian cuisine.

That does not mean you can’t take them. But takes them as little possible as a scoop or a piece only. You can also make it as a treat to yourself maybe once per month or week.

We can substitute with foods that have natural sugars as fruits, milk and other dairy products like yogurt.

6.Healthy fats

The debate is over here. Should we avoid all fats? absolutely not. Some oils and fats are very essential to our bodies. Most recommended is mono unsaturated fat and omega-3 fatty acids. This prevents blockage of blood vessels like other fats.

This can be used in preparation of the recipes to different foods or in dressing such as in salads. It turns out to be helpful in preventing heart diseases and provides minerals such as magnesium, copper and zinc.

We can obtain this from

  • Nuts such as almonds, cashew nuts and peanuts.
  • Seeds. Here we have the pumpkin, sunflower and and sesame seeds
  • Fish
  • Vegetables specifically not refined. Example the olive oil.

Mind you, here you don’t see how your food is prepared in the restaurant kitchen, so you won’t have a choice for the oil of preparation. But it is something that is necessary to consider when eating healthy food. You can ask the waiter to take care of that.

So where can you eat healthy foods?

Anywhere and absolutely anywhere. That just depends on your food of choice, what you want to eat, where you want to eat it and the time you plan to eat it.

Healthy foods at restaurants that require zero budget

Although the best place to prepare and eat is at your home. You will make sure you prepare it well, clean and healthy. But if you are at work or can’t cook well ( don’t eat poorly cooked food), the best option is a nearby restaurant. There are healthy foods at restaurants also.

Wrapping up!

We are now ready to eat healthy food not only at home but also in restaurants right? then well, let’s end here. But before that, attitude. Good healthy food needs good attitude to be enjoyed. Always remember the qualities of a healthy food, that way you will always be on the right track. Let me know which healthy foods do you eat in a restaurant done in the comments. Bon appetite!

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Hi, I am a radiation therapist who loves writing about health, beauty and fitness. I also like book reviewing and socializing with people. Hope to share ideas and experiences with you.

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  1. I like how you remind people that we do have a choice to eat healthy (or not) when going out. There are so many good alternatives!

    1. Thanks. I’ll keep trying. Being healthy is an alternative which should be chosen.

  2. Such great tips for eating healthy at home AND when you’re out. Love that you can eat well and not have to splurge.

    1. Absolutely! Eating healthy can be from anywhere.

  3. Avoid cookies and pasta?! 🥺🥺🥺😣🥺🥺🥺😣😣😣😭😭😭😭 . I eat fruits and I’m trying as much as possible to eat healthy. But you mean we’re going to have to avoid cookies and pasta? This hurts!

    1. Ha haa. You can reduce the intake though, just a little of it and still keep your favorites. Or change the full habit. You’ll feel even better if you do you.

  4. I love that you are so passionate about encouraging others to eat healthy. I have found that one of the biggest things that saves us money and is healthier than other choices is always ordering water when we go out to eat. It is free and much better for my body. Thank you for the great information

    1. Thank you. You can always pass by for more tips.

  5. Great advice on how to eat healthily at a restaurant and not blow your budget.

    1. Thank you. It is important to lower costs when at restaurants.

  6. Great list I always drink water when I go out, that is one the easiest switches I made to consume less calories and be a little be more healthy.

    1. Oh that’s a great switch. Hope you keep it up to preserve your health.

  7. I always go for water too! 😊😊

    1. Hahaa…That’s healthy then Jemima

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