5-minute deep breathing meditation to do anywhere

5-minute deep breathing meditation to do anywhere

If you are just starting out on breathing meditation, you might find it difficult to control your breathing for a long time like what most people suggest. You don’t have to give up the whole practice because you can’t hold your breath for long.

We all start from somewhere I believe, you can start with a short breathing meditation exercise. For five minutes, you can practice a deep meditation exercise at home, workplace or anywhere you like. I’ll give you tips on how you can start off easssy!

You might be thinking this might not be necessary and a short meditation session might be easy even for a non-starter. You won’t know until you try! That’s why I thought you should know the importance of short breathing meditation.

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5-minute breathing meditation benefits

  • It increases creativity and intuition
  • Makes you feel calmed and relaxed
  • Heightens sexual energy
  • It improves blood circulation to the brain

This is going to be quick and you are going to be loving it. Do you know how to meditate for good results?

Any breathing exercises can be done in a short session and provide a lot of help to the person doing it. But for beginners, I like to recommend the belly breathing technique.

This is the simplest of them all to learn and it’s relaxation will helps you be comfortable with your meditation practice.

So before we hop right into the short breathing meditation, let’s learn how to do belly breathing first.

5-minutes breathing meditation benefits
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Belly breathing meditation/abdominal breathing

First sit in a comfortable place, close your eyes and mouth and breath through your nose.

Take in deep breaths while relaxing your belly muscles. You will feel your belly rise and fall as you take your long breaths.

Being relaxed aids you breathing to not come out as forced (like when you breathe from your chest).

How do you know that your breathing is from the abdomen? Put your hand on your belly or anything that can help you notice the movement.

Feel your hand rise and fall as you breathe in and out. Repeat the process for a few more times. Let your body relax completely so that your breathing can be totally naturally.

Now that you know how to breath in the simple way. Let’s see how you can practice breathing exercises for a short time. Do you think five minutes is longer?

Before we take two steps at a time up the ladder, I’ll show you how to use one minute in breathing meditation. And it is from here, that you will take your five minutes to practice meditation.

Let’s start with the one-minute meditation to get you started while stress-free.

One minute breathing meditation

One minute breathing meditation
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  • First sit in a comfortable place where you can be relaxed and calm. It will improve your concentration and focus as you will be free of interruptions.
  • The first twenty seconds (20 secs) inhale through the nose a slow breath. As you breathe, focus on the root of the top most part of the nose and then hold this breath for the next twenty seconds.
  • Exhale the air slowly through the nose in the next twenty seconds.
  • To get used to it, repeat for more minutes. Maybe do it for one minute in the morning and a minute before bed, to help in perfecting your practice to better.

It is possible to reap the benefit of meditation with only this one minute performance as a beginner. This minute can help you transform your life.

This should help you move to another step and keep you breathing for many more minutes. If you master the one minute meditation, you are ready to try the 5 minute meditation. So let’s go!

How to practice short guided breathing meditation
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The 5 minute deep meditation

As I pointed out, you can try to do different forms of breathing exercises in five minutes. Breathing exercises are always helpful in most meditation practices.

It is difficult to hold your breath for about five minutes. So for a five minute meditation, break your breaths per minute.

In some exercises, there is a deep connection that someone can go a few deep breaths per minute.

For example, the yogis from yoga meditation can practice up to three breaths per minute which is very slow breathing but some meditation forms like coherent breathing can include up to five meditations per minute.

Here I’ll explain using the belly breathing meditation. However, you can do this with any meditation breathing exercise you want. If you have mastered the one minute breathing exercise, this should be easy.

Step process for a five minute meditation practice

  • First make sure you are in you comfortable and quiet position as always, to avoid any disruption.
  • Keep your body relaxed and keep your eyes and mouth closed. Make sure to breathe through nose. And don’t forget all about belly breathing we discussed above.
5-minute deep breathing meditation
  • For the first minute, try breathing about six breaths. This is going to be a bit fast I know. You can put a stopwatch to help you monitor your time (Although you won’t have to check it).
  • For the next minute, try about five breaths. Your breaths should be slow as you feel the movement in your belly.
  • Repeat steps one and two, for another three minutes and you will have completed your five minute meditation.

As you proceed further each day, you can go up to four and three breaths per minute. Don’t forget to breathe slowly.

You can eliminate the stop watch once you have found your consistency to help you be connected with your meditation practice. And the good thing is once you have mastered meditating, you might see a if time flies, enabling you to meditate longer without realizing it.

If you feel like you can’t last for a minute, try to combine with this seven minute mindfulness program created by Greg Thurston. The sessions will help you stay connected and focus more to your breathing and within time, you will feel the oneness with yourself.

what do I do when I’m out of breathe during meditation?

As a beginner you might find yourself running out of breath or in a situation where you can’t hold your breath. If you feel this way, you should try to slow down. Breathing in at first pace will make you give up on your meditation.

This is because you might feel suffocated and out of air. As you breathe in make sure you pull the air in slowly. And as you breathe out, maintain the same pace. And the key is always to do it slowly.

If you feel like you have breathing difficulty or struggle with controlling breathing. I recommend you take this program by Wilson Meloncelli. It will help you with your breathing flow and management. And it will help you manage your situation with guidance.

Wrapping up!

From here you can always meditate anywhere when you want to even to the shortest minute you have. Do you have an idea or an experience with short time meditation? Share with us in the comments

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