10 Best self-care tips for mental health

How many times do you go for a jog outside or just how many times do you make sure you hit the gym? Probably, a thousand times a week or maybe two times in one day. I can’t figure but I know it’s a lot.

What about your mind, do you give yourself some self-care mentally? If you don’t, this article will guide you on how you can take good care of your mind too using the best ways.

If you are still wondering why you should give a specific time for your mind, here is why. There is a lot of people who are very physically fit but struggle with their mental health.

The mind is very much connected with physical health although they much seem different. So that is the reason you should give your mind enough self-care.

Mental health self-care tips

How to take care of yourself mentally.

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1. Give yourself some quiet time.

If you live in a noisy neighborhood, you might never get your peace. If you don’t have a quiet time in your self-care routine then your mind won’t settle down all the same. You will not be able to control your emotions and feelings.

Also, you might not be able to come up with new ideas or discover your thoughts about something. Calmness helps our minds to be creative and to get more innovative.

The universities of Exeter and Oxford did a research and found out that there was an improvement if someone took their time kindly thinking about themselves and their loved ones. The participants were given instructions to give self-compassion and act naturally.

The results showed the participants showed a state of feeling safe and a created a connection with other people.

This is because the self-compassion they felt switched off the threat response ( threats like that from the research’s instruction) and and it also improved the immunity contributing to healing of the body physically and mentally.

How to take good care of yourself mentally
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2. Get enough sleep

Mental health is a critical issue these days. As we get busier, we sleep less. We have to sleep late and wake up early, just to work.

Get enough sleep. Remember, you don’t pay for your sleep, you just have to sleep it. This is the best self-care activity for mental health. It is recommended you get at least 7 to 8 hours if an adult and probably more for a child.

Sleep will help sort out your mind and keep you fresh after you wake up. This is also one way to help you get away from tiredness physically. Although sometime it is difficult to get sleep, there are many techniques that can help deal with insomnia, so there is no reason to not sleep.

3. Meditate every day.

I know I might say this in almost every post I write, but I think I’m going to say it a lot more again. Meditation is good for your mental health and it is one of the best ways to take care of yourself mentally.

The odd thing is that, it is becoming more difficult to keep attention these days. We are getting distracted and our minds wander at too many things per time.

Meditation helps to keep you aware of the environment around you, adds more attention and focus and this is very helpful to your productivity.

Meditation for mental health
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Here is a good course to help you improve your meditation skills as a beginner until to the advanced levels. This knowledge is important as it will stick with you always and you will improve your mental health every day through this self-care routine.

4. Self Visualization

Getting lost in your thoughts is sometimes wonderful. This technique has been used in different cultures around the world and it has proved a great help.

Now saying that, doesn’t mean that it has a price tag to it. Nope! All you have to do is sit in a place without distractions, then imagine yourself in a safe place.

Think about what you are doing over there, which people you meet, how they are dressed and all the other details you can think about.

Focus on each situation and refresh off all the negativity. This means this mental picture will keep your mind in a safe place even though physically you are not. And generally, be aiding your mental situation.

5. Reading a new thing.

I usually don’t know how I manage to take a lot of time reading in a day more than how much I write. Your mind is what you feed it (just like your belly). So make sure to feed it a new thing each day and the things must be positives.

Put up at least two books that are motivational or philosophical and read them within a month, after that observe your change.

Books not only give your mind a new way of thinking, but they also give encouragement and motivation to keep your goals moving. This is another very good for your mental health.

6. Proper breathing

Mental health self-care routine
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Most of the disorders affecting the mind go forth with difficulty in breathing or controlling breathing.

One best way to save you trouble is learning how to breathe properly. Why? Breathing is physiological, if you are breathing short fast breaths it means you are gasping for air or comfortability in your chest.

Depriving air? Poor circulation of blood and a lot more things will damage your health. And lastly mental health problems.

During self-care for mental health, it is important to learn how to breathe. This can be much like art but it’s not!

One of the best ways is to put your right hand on your stomach and take long breaths, this breathing should be from your stomach.

Your stomach should rise and descend according to the rhythm of your breathing. Don’t breathe through your chest.

If you still can’t do it well, this program will help you out through every step and you’ll see how it is easy to control your breathing. This breathing can help you deal with anxiety and panic attacks very fast. Try this program here.

7. Gratitude

How much do you practice gratitude? If you act in a perfect way towards other people, you are probably going to feel good about yourself later. But if don’t have a good relation with other people, it is not easy to keep yourself stable mentally.

Make sure to practice gratitude. Smile a lot, say a lot of thank you and take it all slow for your growth.

This does not only include gratitude towards other people, it also means you have to be kind to yourself first. The way you act towards yourself will determine your mental health.

This gratitude study by the Portland state university showed that people who practiced gratitude especially at workplaces showed an improvement in physical and mental health.

This study was done among nurses who worked in stressful environments and likely to experience burnout.

Best ways to take care of your mental health
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The study shows that despite the condition at their workplaces, through gratitude they can keep a positive feedback loop for themselves and their patients, hence improving health both physically and emotionally.

8. Build personal growth relationships with your family.

How much do you talk to your family if you live far from them? These days it is even more difficult for family members to meet on holidays.

Good relationships are good for your emotional health. Make sure communicating with your family is included in your self-care routine.

Share with them your day, encouragement, and even disappointments. This will do your mental health a lot good. Even though you don’t have a family you can build personal growth relationships with friends.

Penn state university through their study found out family interventions are very important and can help to improve the condition of people with chronic illnesses.

This is very helpful to improve the condition of these people and for people receiving treatments for their health; it has shown long-lasting effects.

Self-care activity for mental health
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9. Spirituality

It’s important to be spiritual despite what religion you believe in. Just believe in something. This self-care activity will help you create a connection with yourself and this will help you mentally.

The spiritual state is will put your mind in a peaceful and assured state. This includes everything. Your prayers, mantras, affirmations, nature, whatsoever you can relate that will help with your spiritualty, try it every day.

From the University of Missouri, the researchers found through their study that a greater degree of spirituality was related to better mental health especially lowering the levels of neuroticism and greater extraversion.

Spirituality is more defined as a personal trait, taking it to heart, helps people recover from different medical conditions, and give people a sense of belonging to a larger whole.

10. Puzzles and mental health assessment quizzes

You want to know how much you are doing. Just take a quiz online or make it yourself and answer the questions. Rate mental health condition. Do this regularly and keep a record as you continue to practice other self-care activities for your mental health.

If you don’t have access to a quiz you can get yourself a planner and record your progress and plans on how to deal with yourself well mentally.

This research published in the journal of health and social behavior studied about 62% of people with mental health problems who self-rated themselves and showed a 33% improvement while they appeared at lower risk to be affected by the problem.

This improves the condition of people with mental problems even without medication and helps to keep their health in a good state.

Self assessment for mental health

Wrapping up!

Mental health is more complex than even physical health. It is easy to go nuts and get confusion that will affect your job, family, or life. Make sure to practice all these when you are planning to start a mental health self-care routine.

Don’t forget to keep a record of all that you plan and your progress. Share with me down in the comments how you take care of your mental health and how often do you practice mental health self-care?

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