10 best ab exercises at home for beginners

10 best ab exercises at home for beginners

Have you started working out your abs? Not yet? Well here i prepared some of best ab exercises you can do at home whether you are a full time worker or a stay at home. They help you train and strengthen your abs while at home.

Actually the truth is I’ve never had a flat belly, maybe that was when I was younger. But junk foods destroyed me. I wouldn’t blame because there is always a way to solve it. By exercising.

I’m not saying that a big belly is healthy. Nope. It is a sign that you are on the road to obesity. That’s why i try to exercise. Not to look good but to be healthy. Exercise also goes hand in hand with eating healthy. Thats how it’ll work best. I guess we have the same mission.

Well, you are in the right place. There are a lot information out there that when you try some exercises you just give up the next day. I’ll just give you a few bit to help you on your way to practice the workouts of that fitness trainer you love.

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What should i start with before I start stomach exercises?

Reconsidering that your body will be so stiff, you need to warm yourself up. Something that can activate your body. I prefer jumping a rope. If you try this don’t do a lot of it. You could go 25 times or maybe 10 times the less.

If you cannot jump a rope, you could try some stretching exercises which can be a bit softer. Stretch the arms from different directions, and the legs too.

Don’t forget to also stretch your back as if you where using a hula hoop. Don’t go hard again or you’ll break. Actually not healthy. You can also do some yoga exercises which are helpful for stretching.

You can do a little more that you think will activate you but doesn’t drain the energy out of you. That energy is going to be needed.

Ab workouts at home that are best for a starter.

Now that you are here, there’s a few new things you’ll see, some are common. But this is what is best when you start your training. This exercises puts pressure on your abdomen muscles and sometimes you can feel a little pain on your stomach when you laugh or cough. That shows its working.

1.Elbow Planks.

This is a first exercise that helps to strengthen the biceps, the calves in the legs, the thigh muscles and your core importantly. Almost your whole body. That’s why it is called full body exercise. It is also important to have your stopwatch for this exercise.

How to:

  • Lie down facing down and lift your body as support it with your toes and your elbows bent at a 90 degrees. Your body should be in a straight line from head to toe. This prevents effects on your spine, that is if your back sags.
  • Hold it for a few minutes. Because you are beginning, start at thirty seconds and keep adding thirty seconds each day you do the exercise.
  • If you do this in reps, make sure to rest in between about a thirty second period.
  • Make sure you target your core. Pull your stomach in as you breath.
Best ab exercises at home to help beginners
Credit: Nathan Cowley from unsplash

2.High plank.

I like this one better that’s why to me it is a second exercise not a type of plank. When I started doing planks (elbow plank) it took me a greater time to finish two minutes. It felt like my timer just stopped. So I did high planks instead for sometime until I got my stamina for elbow planks.

How to:

  • Face the floor and support your body with toes and hands. The hands should be straight to the floor and your body straight from head to toe.
  • Hold that position at that specific time you want. So for us its thirty seconds. As we add thirty seconds each day.
  • Remember a thirty seconds rest in between sets.
Best ab exercises at home for beginners
Nathan cowley from unslash

Helpful tip: use your left hand to tap your right shoulder. And same to the right hand. Be your own timer and do up to ten taps. That’s what is good about this and will encourage you further.

For example, I use an ab roller that I adopted from my boyfriend’s house. You can get yours here. Its important to have it because it will help you in advanced stages ab roller exercises.

So I use the roller on one arm as if I’m lifting weights. Its not that heavy but it keeps your mind occupied not to get tired. If that one arm you are supporting your body with is tired. Shift the jobs and start lifting with your tired hand while supporting your body with the hand that you were lifting with.

3.Russian twists.

I like this exercise because when I do it, I just feel my abs on fire and I say wow, I’m almost there. It maybe difficult at first but when you start soon you’ll be a pro and jump to the next step.

How to:

  • Sit on the floor and fold your legs or simply bend your knees raise your feet a bit in the air.
  • Twist your upper body as far as it can go on the left and do the same for the right. Do this as if you are picking it up from the left and bringing to the right and back to the left. Count and go about 10 twists slowly as you add ten each day.
  • Keep your feet high as you do all this. You can cross your ankles too for support. For starters, let’s just keep our toes slightly on the floor to support you. As you keep going everyday try doing it with your feet inches from the ground.

Helpful tip: hold something on hands maybe a book or anything tangible. Try shifting it left to right as if you want to put it down but not putting it.

4.Leg lifts.

This is another kill it exercise. Works on your abs and mostly your obliques. It is not difficult to master, but needs consistency.

How to:

  • Just lie on your back. Tuck your hands under your waist both sides for support.
  • Lift your legs inches from the floor. And move them up and down to the ground.

Healthy tip: Do this slowly as you count. You can go five sets and rest a thirty seconds before the next set.

5.Flutter kicks and scissors.

This is the same as leg lifts but the main difference is you don’t put your feet down. Their is a relationship between these exercises that’s why I put them together.

How to:

  • Just lie on your back and lift your legs inches from the ground.
  • For flutter kicks, take one leg higher than the other, as you take the other one higher the first leg should be lower. Repeat this as if you are kicking something in air for many times
  • Scissors is the opposite of flutter kicks. Alternate your legs right to left as the feet are still in air. This works like how a pair of scissor works when cutting something.

Do this for 10 sets and rest for thirty seconds in between before doing the next repetition.

Best ab exercises at home for beginners

6.Wind shields wiper

This is a lazy one I bet. We all kinda do this when we are not doing anything on our beds. Its easy and helpful.

How to:

  • Lie on your back as you face upwards. Your hands should be straightened next to you. And the legs should be lifted high and straight.
  • Now from above move your legs to the left until they touch the ground. And move them to the right just as a car windshield does. This will help you strength your obliques and the core.

Helpful tip: do it on a place where you can place your legs like a wall. This will help make it a bit easier.


I’ve ridden a bicycle at sometime in my life and I would say cycling is harder to master than this exercise. Its among the best of ab exercises. It can also help to strengthen the legs too.

How to:

  • Lie on your back, facing upwards. Keep your arms around your head for support or you can just tuck them under your waist.
  • Fold your left knee to about a 90 degree as it meets with the right elbow as the right leg is straight. Do the same for the right knee and twist it to meet the left elbow. Mean while the left leg is straight.
Best ab exercises at home for beginners
credit: pixabay

8.Knee raises

This is a time saver for me and very simple. I do this in the bathroom when i have no time to workout. It is also a good starter for beginners.

How to:

  • Stand with legs slightly apart. Put your hands behind your head.
  • Lift your left knee higher enough to touch your right elbow. And do the same for your right knee to your left elbow.
  • Or you can straighten your hands in front of you. And lift your left knee under left hand and do the same for the other side. Hold the knee high for your specific time.
Best ab exercises at home for beginners
Credit: unsplash


This is a most common exercise although you need to be careful when doing it. So that you do not hurt your back.

How to:

  • Lie on your back and fold your legs. Put hands behind your head. And make sure your neck is not twisted.
  • Raise your upper back a few degrees and hold it for a few seconds before going back down. Make sure your lower back doesn’t move and your head and neck are in a neutral position.
Best ab exercises at home for beginners
Credit: unsplash

10.Push ups.

Push ups a greater way to strengthen your core. Although it better builds the chest and the arms. Its worth to do it. I just modified this exercise to fit my routine.

How to:

  • Lie on your stomach and raise your body with your arms and toes. The arms should be apart the size of shoulder width. And legs slightly apart for support.
  • Here’s the difference with other pushups. You don’t go down. But flex your abs so that they can strengthen.
  • You can hold this position to a specific time or you can engage your arms in other things.
Best ab exercises at home for beginners
Credit:Ellie Fairlytale from unsplash

Its easy if you do these exercise often depending on the time you have. They will work out just fine. But If you need more directions you can check this workout program which is instructional and easy.

Wrapping up!

Having to do ab workouts at home needs consistence. Maybe you are doing it next to your bed or kitchen. That you could sleep or eat in your rest time and never continue to finish your daily plan. You need motivation to exercise and well you can do it. Don’t stop and keep going to get that strong core.

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